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Search for in the First Edition (1785) or
  ä      Ä      ö      ß      ü      Ü  in the Second Edition (1786) or
in the Second Edition (emended) or
in the Academy Edition (1903).

Instructions, Tips, and Hints

  • Enter a single whole word as the search term.
  • You may use a letter, sequence of letters, or a numeral to construct the word.
  • If you have JavaScript enabled in your browser, you can click on a German-specific letter in the button bar to enter that letter. If you do not use a mouse, you can tab to the German-specific letter and then press the Enter key.
  • If you do not have JavaScript enabled in your browser, you can select, copy, and paste a German-specific letter into the search textbox. Be sure to remove any whitespace you may also have pasted.
  • Be sure to elect one of the editions to be the target text of your search.
  • Press the form's Submit button.
  • If there are any hits, the search results show up in a hyperlinked list. If you plan to click on more than one hyperlink, then you should either save the webpage or open the links in new tabs or windows (by right-clicking on the link and selecting your preferred option); for, after you navigate away from the page by left-clicking on a link, the list will be lost (and you will have to do the search all over again).
  • Remember that there are spelling differences between the editions.
  • Note that 'Ö' (capital 'O' with an umlaut), 'X', and 'Y' do not occur in any edition.
  • Note that the only numerals that occur in any edition are '1', '2', and '3', and they occur singly; there are no numbers less than 1 or greater than 3 in any edition.
  • If you want to search for 'a priori' or 'a posteriori', then just use 'priori' or 'posteriori', respectively.
  • Note that the search is conducted only on the German text minus the title page; it is not conducted on the English translations.
  • Be aware that there are already some prepared searches available on the Search page.

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