Credits (besides Kant)

Software used

These are the main programs I have used in putting the site together. I generally don't know who they were or are, but many thanks to all the people who contributed to the development of this software. Without their efforts this site would not have been possible, for the site was not and is not supported by any public funding. So it was important that the software used be of the free variety. With the exception of Windows XP, this requirement has been met.

  • Programming editors: Emacs, vi, Eclipse
  • Utilities: awk, comm, csplit, diff, grep, paste, sed, seq, sort, uniq
  • Compressors: ahc, csstidy, yuicompressor
  • XSLT and Xquery processor: Saxon HE
  • PDF generators: Apache FOP, Flying Saucer, iText, LaTex
  • Ebook generator: Kindlegen
  • Font creator: Fontforge
  • PDF viewers: Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, mupdf
  • Ebook viewers: Kindle Previewer, Adobe Digital Editions
  • Build tool: Ant
  • Browsers: Chrome, Dillo, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Links2, Opera, Safari
  • Operating Systems: Lubuntu Linux, Windows XP
  • Validators: epubcheck, Dillo
  • Website host: Google Appengine

Technologies used

The site has primarily been built with the following programming and markup languages:

  • Java (Jansi library)
  • HTML
  • JavaScript (jQuery, Mootools)
  • CSS
  • XSLT
  • XQuery
  • XML
  • Regular Expressions

Persons (not merely) used

Stephen Orr (artwork, design, programming, translations, writing)