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 Compare  First Edition (1785)  to   First Edition (1785)
Second Edition (1786) Second Edition (1786)
emended 2nd Ed. (1786v) emended 2nd Ed. (1786v)
Academy Edition (1903) Academy Edition (1903)

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Instructions, Tips, and Hints

  • Select the edition which has the page and line number of interest.
  • Pick (or type, if your browser supports it) the page and then the line number from the lists.
  • Check the editions in which to find the corresponding line.
  • Check any options that you want. (Note that the Grid, Shading, and Styling options require that your browser supports CSS, as most modern browsers do.)

    • Extra Text includes some text of the same kind (i.e., body text versus footnote text) surrounding the selected line.
    • Grid puts the text in a plane of intersecting straight lines, as if in a spreadsheet or on graphing paper.
    • Shading varies the background color behind the text.
    • Styling tries to mimic the font styling (e.g., letter spacing) of the original editions.
  • Press the form's Submit button.
  • Note that the comparison is done only on the German text minus the title page.
  • The 178x editions have pages numbered from iii to xvi and then from 1 to 128.
  • Line 26 is frequently the last line on a page from the 178x editions.
  • The Academy edition pages run from 387 to 463.
  • Line 37 is typically the last line on an Academy edition page.
  • The Comparison Tool will complain if you select a page or a page and line combination that does not exist in the selected edition.
  • Be aware that there are already some prepared comparisons available on the Compare page.

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