Groundlaying: Kant's Search for the Highest Principle of Morality

Das Deutsch-Englisch Meisterglossar für Kants Grundlegung zur Metaphysik der Sitten

ab  off, down, away from, from
abbringen  remove, get off, get away, divert, dissuade
Abbruch (Abbruch thun)  damage, be prejudicial to, infringe, impair, injure
Abbruch (der)  breaking off, pulling down, damage, injury, loss
Abbruch (sich selbst Abbruch thun)  deprive oneself of
abdringen  wring from, force away, extort from
aber  but, though, however
Abfall (der)  descent, falling away
abfassen  compose, write, draw up
abgeben  furnish, provide, deliver, yield
abgeben (sich mit etwas abgeben)  concern or occupy oneself with a matter
abgedrungen  wrung from, forced away, extorted from
abgehen  depart, go off, deviate
abgesondert  separated, separate, distinct
abgewitzt  astute, sharp-sighted
abhalten  hold off, hold back, restrain, check, prevent
abhängen  depend on
abhängig  dependent on, subject to, sloping, inclined
Abhängigkeit (die)  dependence, slope, declivity
abhelfen  help, remedy, obviate, supply
abkommen  swerve, deviate, digress
abkürzen  shorten, abridge, abbreviate, lessen, curtail
ableiten  derive, deduce
Ableitung (die)  derivation
ableugnen  deny, disavow, disclaim
ablocken  entice away, obtain by flattery, lure from, coax from, elicit
abnehmen  gather, conclude
Abneigung (die)  turning aside, disinclination, aversion, antipathy
Abrede (die)  denial, agreement
Abrede (in Abrede stellen)  dispute, deny
Abrede (in Abrede ziehen)  dispute, deny
abrufen  call away, call off, recall
Abscheu (der)  abhorrence, loathing
Abschnitt (der)  cut, segment, section, intercept, paragraph
abschreckend  horrible, forbidding, intimidating
Absicht (die)  purpose, intention, design, end, aim
Absicht (in der besten Absicht)  with the best intentions
absolut  absolute, unconditional
absondern  separate, detach, isolate, segregate, set aside
Absonderung (die)  separation, detachment, exemption, isolation
absprechen  deny, deprive, gainsay, refuse
Abstammung (die)  ancestry, parentage, origin, source
Abstechung (die)  contrast
abstrahiren  abstract
abtheilen = abteilen  divide, share, classify, partition off, section off
Abtheilung (die) = Abteilung (die)  separation, partition, division, section, detachment
Abtreibung (die)  repeling, refutation
abtrünnig  faithless, recreant, disloyal, rebellious
abtrünnig (abtrünnig werden)  revolt, desert, turn apostate
abweichen  deviate, diverge, digress, depart from
abweichend  divergent, varying, deviating, irregular
abziehen  draw off, pull off, take off, remove, turn off
abzwingen  obtain by force
Acht (Acht haben auf)  pay attention to, heed
Acht (aus der Acht lassen)  pay no heed to
Acht (die)  attention, care, heed, consideration
Acht (in Acht nehmen)  take care of, observe, mind
Acht (sich in Acht nehmen)  take care, be on one's guard
achten  regard, esteem, respect, deem, pay attention to
Achtung (die)  esteem, respect, regard, reverence, attention
achtungswürdig  worthy of respect, estimable
Actus  act
Aechtheit (die) = Ächtheit (die)  genuineness, authenticity
Aequivalent = Äquivalent  equivalent
Aeußerung = Äußerung  expression, utterance, remark, saying
Affect (der) = Affekt (der)  emotion, emotional disturbance, emotional state
Affectionspreiß (der) = Affectionspreis (der) = Affektionspreis (der)  affective price, fancy price
afficiren  affect
Afficirung (die) = Affizierung (die)  the affecting, affection
ähnlich  similar, like, resembling, analogous to
all  all, entire, whole, full, total
allein  alone, sole, single, solitary, apart
alleinig  exclusive, sole
allenfalls  in any event, at all events, if need be, at most, possibly
allenthalben  everywhere, wherever, in all cases
allerdings  certainly, to be sure, of course, by all means, indeed
allererst  first of all
allerkürzest  shortest, most direct
allerley = allerlei  all sorts of, all kinds of
allervermögend  most capable
allervollkommensten  all-perfect
allerwärts  everywhere
alles  all, anything, everything
Alles (das)  everything, everybody
allgemein  universal, general
allgemein (im allgemeinen)  in general
Allgemeingültigkeit (die)  universal validity, general validity
Allgemeinheit (die)  universality, general public
Allheit (die)  allness, all-comprehensiveness, completeness, sum of all, totality
alltäglich  everyday, daily, commonplace, trite
Allwissenheit (die)  omniscience
als  than, as, but, except, other than
alsdann  then, thereupon, in that case
also  so, thus, therefore, consequently, hence
alt  old, aged, ancient, long-established
Alten (die)  ancients
Alter (das)  age, antiquity, epoch
am = an dem  at the, to the, by the
Amt (das)  office, official position, post
an  at, to, by, close by, against
an (an sich)  in itself, in the abstract
an (an und für sich)  in itself, in the abstract
an (so viel an mir ist)  as far as lies in my power
anbauen  till, cultivate, add to by building
anbauen (sich)  establish oneself, become settled
Anblick (der)  view, sight, look, aspect, appearance
anbringen  bring in, bring to bear, put in operation, apply
ander  other, else, different
ander (ein anderer, eine andere)  another, different
Andere (das)  other, something else
andererseits  on the other side, on the other hand
anderm  other, else, different
ändern  alter, change, rectify, amend
ändern (sich)  alter, vary, reform, change
anders  otherwise, else, differently, under other circumstances
anders (wo anders)  somewhere else
anderswo  somewhere else, elsewhere
anderwärts  elsewhere
anderwärtsher  elsewhere
andeuten  point out, indicate, hint, intimate
anerkennen  recognize, acknowledge, admit, appreciate
Anfang (der)  beginning, start, outset
anfangen  begin, commence, start, set about, do
anführen  lead on, bring up, conduct, lead, guide
angeben  assign, specify, declare, state, give an account of
angeführten  cited above
angehen  approach, apply to, solicit, concern, have to do with
angehen (das geht mich nichts an)  that's none of my business
angehen (was geht das mich an?)  what's that to me?
angemessen  suitable, adapted to, in keeping with, appropriate, adequate
Angemessenheit (die)  suitability, fitness, propriety
angenehm  pleasant, agreeable
Angenehm (das)  pleasant, agreeable
angenommen  assumed, supposed, accepted, adopted, received
angenommen (angenommen daß)  assuming that, supposing that
angestellten  employed, rendered, arranged
angestrengt  strenuous
angewandt  applied, employed, practical
angewandt  applied, employed, practical
Angriff (der)  attack, assault, invasion, charge
ängstlich  anxious, uneasy, nervous, timid, scrupulous
anhängen  hang on, fasten to, attach, append, affix
anheben  hoist, raise, lift, commence, begin
ankommen  depend on, be determined by, be of importance, matter, arrive
Anlage (die)  predisposition, talent, ability, natural tendency, layout
anlangen  arrive at, reach, concern, relate to
anlangen (was das anlangt)  as regards this
Anlas (der) = Anlaß (der)  occasion, cause, motive, inducement
Anlockung (die)  enticement
anmaßen (sich)  presume, claim, pretend to, arrogate
Anmaßung (die)  presumption, pretense, pretension, arrogance, usurpation
anmessen  fit, suit, adapt, measure
annehmen  assume, suppose, take for granted, take, accept
Annehmlichkeit (die)  pleasantness, agreeableness, charm, amenity, comfort
Anordnung (die)  order, arrangement, grouping, regulation, instruction
anpreisen  praise, extol, commend
Anrathung (die) = Anratung (die)  recommendation, counsel
Anreitz (der) = Anreiz (der)  incitement, impulse, stimulus, motive, incentive
anreitzen = anreizen  incite, induce, stimulate, instigate, abet
Anreitzung (die) = Anreizung (die)  incitement, stimulation, instigation, provocation, encouragement
anschauen  intuit, look at, contemplate
anschaulich  intuitive, clear, plain, evident, obvious
Anschauung (die)  intuition
Anschlag (Anschlag fassen)  form a plan
Anschlag (der)  calculation, computation, estimate, valuation, reckoning
Anschlag (in Anschlag bringen)  take into account, allow for
ansehen  look at, view, regard, consider
Ansehen (das)  appearance, aspect, exterior, esteem, respect
Ansehung (die)  view, consideration
Ansehung (in Ansehung)  in view of, with respect to, in respect of, with reference to
Anspruch (Anspruch machen auf eine Sache)  lay claim to a thing, put forward a claim to a thing, demand a thing, claim a thing
Anspruch (der)  claim, title, demand, pretension
anstatt  instead of, in the place of
anstellen  place near, put near, post, assign, employ
anstrengen  strain, stretch, strive, make every effort, exert
antagonismus  antagonism, resistance, opposition
Antheil (der) = Anteil (der)  share, portion, part
Anthropologie (die)  anthropology, sociology, psychology
antreffen  find, meet with, come across, hit upon
antreiben  drive on, push on, propel, urge on, incite
Antrieb (der)  impulse, stimulus, inducement, drive, motive power
Antriebe (die)  impulses, stimuli, inducements
Antwort (die)  answer, reply
anvertrauen  entrust to
anwachsen  grow up, swell, increase, rise, accumulate
anwandeln  befall, come over, come upon, touch, attack
anweisen  direct, instruct
Anweisung (die)  order, instruction, direction, assignment
anwenden  employ, use, make use of
Anwendung (die)  application, employment, use
anzeigen  announce, notify, report, inform, point out
anziehen  draw in, pull in, draw tight, tighten, stretch
a posteriori  not independently of experience, knowable only by means of empirical investigation
a priori  independently of experience, knowable without empirical investigation
Arbeit (die)  work, labor, toil, task, job
arg  bad, mischievous, wicked, evil, malicious
ärgst  most bad, most wicked
argumentiren  argue, dispute
Art (auf diese Art)  in this way, at this rate
Art (die)  kind, species, type, variety, sort
Arzney (die) = Arznei (die)  medicine, drug, physic
Arzt (der)  doctor, physician, medic
auch  also, too, even, likewise, as well
auch (auch nicht)  neither, nor
auf  on, upon, in, at, on to
aufbehalten  preserve, keep
aufbieten  summon, cite, call up, proclaim, give notice of
aufbürden  burden with, charge with, impose on, attribute to
auferlegen  impose, inflict, enjoin
Aufgabe (die)  problem, task, lesson, exercise, duty
aufgeben  give up, abandon, surrender
aufheben  lift, raise, hold up, abolish, repeal
aufhören  cease, stop, end, discontinue, desist from
aufklären  clear up, explain, elucidate, enlighten, instruct
auflösen  solve, unravel, resolve, loosen, untie
Auflösung (die)  solution, analysis, elucidation, resolution
aufmerksam  attentive, alert, observant
Aufmerksamkeit (die)  attentiveness, attention, alertness, watchfulness, vigilance
Aufmunterung (die)  encouragement
Aufopferung (die)  sacrifice, sacrificing
aufpassen  pay attention, attend, watch, be on the alert, fit on
aufrichtig  candid, sincere, frank, open, honest
aufs = auf das  on the
aufschieben  postpone, defer, put off, adjourn, prorogue
Aufschub (der)  postponement, deferment, delay, suspension, adjournment
aufstellen  set up, erect, install, make, post
aufstoßen  meet with, light upon, chance upon, happen to, knock open
Aufsuchung (die)  search, seeking out
auftreiben  drive up, raise, start, hunt up, rummage out
aufweisen  show, exhibit, point to
aufziehen  draw up, raise, hoist, haul up, open
Auge (das)  eye
Augenblick (der)  moment, instant
aus  out of, from, of, by, for
aus (aus ... gemacht)  made from ..., made of ...
ausdenken  think out, contrive, invent, conceive, devise
Ausdruck (der)  expression, phrase, saying
ausdrücken  express, utter, press out, squeeze out
ausfallen  drop out, be deducted, turn out, result
ausfallen (ist gut ausgefallen)  has turned out well
ausfinden  discover, find out, seek out
ausfinden (ausfindig machen)  discover, find out, seek out
Ausflucht (die)  excuse, evasion, shift, subterfuge, loophole
Ausführlichkeit (die)  fullness of detail, completeness, copiousness, precision, accuracy
Ausgang (der)  result, outcome, upshot, termination, end
ausgeben  give out, distribute, deliver, issue
ausgehen  go out, proceed, start, emanate
aushalten  hold out, endure, bear
aushelfen  help out, aid, assist, accommodate, supply with
ausholend  going far back
Auskunft (die)  information, intelligence, particulars, recourse, resource
auslöschen  put out, obliterate, extinguish, quench, efface
ausmachen  make up, constitute, amount to, come to, make out
ausmessen  measure out, survey, gauge
Ausnahme (die)  exception
ausnehmen  take out, draw, except, exclude, exempt
ausnehmen (sich)  look, appear
ausrichten  accomplish, fulfill, execute
Ausrichterin (die)  she who carries out, fulfills, executes
ausruhen  rest, repose
ausschlagen  strike out, break forth
ausschliessen  shut out, exclude, lock out
Ausschweifung (die)  excess, intemperance, debauch
ausser = außer  without, besides, except, out of, outside
äußer  external, outer, exterior, outward
äußerst  extreme, utmost, uttermost, outermost, extremely
aussetzen  postpone, put off, interrupt, suspend, expose
Ausstattung (die)  endowment, provision, outfit, equipment, fittings
ausstellen  set out, set forth, lay out, exhibit, display
Austheilung (die) = Austeilung (die)  distribution, apportionment
ausüben  practice, exercise, exert, perform
Ausübung (die)  practice, exercise, execution, fulfillment
auszeichnen  mark out, indicate
Autonomie (die)  autonomy
B. (z. B. = zum Beyspiel) = B. (z. B. = zum Beispiel)  e.g. = for example
Bahn (die)  path, pathway, track, road, course
bald  soon, shortly, almost, nearly, easily
bald (bald das eine, bald das andere)  sometimes this, sometimes that
bald (bald so, bald so)  now one way, now another
Bastard (der)  bastard, mongrel, hybrid
bauen  build, construct, erect
beantworten  answer, reply to
Beantwortung (die)  answer, reply, answering
bearbeiten  till, work, cultivate, elaborate, manipulate
Bearbeitung (die)  working, machining, processing, treatment, handling
bedacht (auf etwas bedacht sein)  be intent on a thing, be resolved to, consider a matter
Bedacht (der)  consideration, deliberation, reflection, forethought
Bedarf (der)  need, want, requirement
Bedauren (das)  sorrow, regret, pity, sympathy
bedenken  consider, think over, ponder over, reflect on, bear in mind
bedeuten  mean, signify, be of importance, imply, direct
Bedeutung (die)  meaning, importance, significance, sense
bedienen  serve, wait on
bedienen (sich)  make use of, help oneself to
Beding (der/das)  condition, stipulation, proviso, terms, restriction
bedingt  conditional, qualified, limited, hypothetical
Bedingung (die)  condition, stipulation, proviso, terms, restriction
Bedingung (unter der Bedingung)  on condition, provided
bedürfen  require, need, have need of
Bedürfnis (das) = Bedürfniß (das)  need, want, lack, necessity, requirement
bedürftig  poor, needy, necessitous, in need of, wanting
beeifern (sich)  exert oneself, be zealous, make effort, endeavor, strive
befolgen  obey, comply with, follow, observe, act up to
Befolgung (die)  following, observance of, adherence to, obedience to
beförderlich  favorable, conducive, helpful
befördern  further, promote, advance, assist, accelerate
Beförderung (die)  furtherance, advancement, promotion
befragen  interrogate, question, examine, consult with
befreien  free, set free, liberate, rescue, release
Befremdlich (das)  odd, strange, surprising
befriedigen  satisfy, gratify, content, please, appease
befriedigend  satisfactory, satisfying
Befriedigung (die)  satisfaction, gratification
Befugnis (die) = Befugniß (die)  authorization, authority, right, warrant, licence
begabt  endowed, clever, gifted, talented
begeben  negotiate, transfer, sell, pass
begeben (genitive sich)  give up, renounce, forgo
begeben (sich)  go, proceed, set out for, betake oneself, set about
Begehren (das)  desire, demand, request
Begehrung (die)  desire, longing, hankering
Begehrungsvermögen (das)  faculty of desire, power of appetition
Begierde (die)  eager desire, lust, inordinate longing
Begierden (die)  eager desires, lusts, inordinate longings
begreifen  understand, comprehend, conceive, grasp, touch
begreifen (das sich leicht)  that is easily understood
begreiflich  comprehensible, conceivable, intelligible
begreiflich (einem etwas begreiflich machen)  make someone comprehend something
begrenzen  border, bound, limit, circumscribe, define
Begriff (der)  concept, idea, notion
begriffen (begriffen sein)  be about to do, be engaged in
begünstigen  favor, patronize, promote
behandeln  handle, treat, deal with, manage, manipulate
Behandlungsweise (die)  mode of treatment, method of treatment, usage, manner of dealing with
Beharrlichkeit (die)  perseverance, persistence, steadfastness, determination, tenacity
behaupten  assert, maintain, affirm, keep, hold
Behauptung (die)  assertion, statement, proposition, contention, conjecture
Behuf (der)  purpose, object, behalf, benefit, use
Behuf (zum Behufe)  for the purpose, for the sake
beide (wir beide)  we two, both of us
bekannt  known, well-known, renowned, noted, acquainted
bekennen  confess, admit, own up to, acknowledge
bekommen  get, receive, obtain, catch
belästigen  trouble, annoy, bother, pester, harass
belehren  teach, instruct, enlighten, advise
belehren (eines bessern belehren)  set right, correct, undeceive
Belehrung (die)  instruction, information, advice, correction
Belieben (das)  choice, discretion, option
beliebig  optional, as is agreeable, to your liking, at your pleasure, any (you like)
beliebt  favorite, popular
bemerken  notice, perceive, observe, remark
Bemerkung (die)  remark
bemühen  trouble, give trouble
bemühen (sich)  take trouble, take pains, strive, endeavor
Bemühung (die)  effort, trouble, pains, exertion, endeavor
benehmen  take away
beneiden  envy
benennen  name, call
Benennung (Brüche unter einerlei Benennung bringen)  reduce fractions to a common denominator
Benennung (die)  naming, designation, nomenclature, appellation, term
bequem  comfortable, convenient, opportune, easy, commodious
berauben  rob, deprive of, divest of
berechtigen  justify, entitle, authorize, warrant
berichtigen  correct, set right, rectify, amend, arrange
Beruf (der)  profession, calling, vocation, occupation, pursuit
Berufung (die)  call, summons, vocation, appointment, nomination
beruhen  rest on, be based on, depend on, be due to
berühmt  famous, celebrated, renowned
beschaffen  provide, procure, supply, constituted, conditioned
beschaffen (die Sache ist so beschaffen)  the matter stands thus
beschaffen (so ist die Welt beschaffen)  that is the way of the world
beschaffen (so ist er beschaffen)  that is his nature
Beschaffenheit (die)  quality, property, characteristic, disposition, nature
beschäftigen  occupy, employ, engage, keep busy
beschäftigen (sich)  occupy oneself, be busy with
beschäftigt  busy, occupied with
beschäftigt (mit etwas beschäftigt sein)  be occupied with a thing
Beschämung (die)  disgrace, shame, confusion
Bescheid (Bescheid wissen)  know about something, have knowledge of something, to know what's what
Bescheid (der)  information, instruction, direction, knowledge
bescheiden  allot, assign, apportion, inform, direct
bescheiden (sich)  resign to, acquiesce in, be satisfied with
beschließen  resolve, determine on, decide
beschlöße = beschlösse  would resolve
beschlossen  resolved, decided
beschwerlich  troublesome, burdensome
besessen  possessed
besinnen (sich)  recollect, remember, call to mind, think of, consider
Besitz (der)  possession, estate, property
besitzen  possess, be in possession of, own, be endowed with, hold
besonder  particular, special, specific
besonders  especially, particularly, in particular
besorgen  take care of, care for, provide for, procure, fetch
besorglich  anxious, solicitous
Besorgnis (die) = Besorgniß (die)  apprehension, anxiety, alarm, fear
besser  better
beständig  constant, steady, continuous, continual, perpetual
bestätigen  confirm, corroborate, establish, verify, ratify
Bestätigung (die)  confirmation, corroboration, verification, ratification, acknowledgement
bestehen  undergo, endure, stand steadfast, withstand, subsist
bestehen (nebeneinander|zusammen bestehen können)  be consistent, be compatible
bestehend  existing, existent, subsistent
bestehend (für sich bestehend)  absolute, independent
bestimmen  decide, determine, ascertain, settle, fix
bestimmen (das Gesetz bestimmt, daß ...)  the law ordains that
bestimmen (sich)  determine, resolve on, choose, decide
bestimmt  determined, decided, fixed, destined, appointed
Bestimmung (die)  determination, destination, destiny, vocation, function
Bestimmungsgrund (der)  ground of determination
Bestimmungsregeln (die)  rules of determination
Bestrebung (die)  effort, attempt, endeavor, aspiration, striving
bestreiten  dispute, deny
Betracht (der)  respect, regard, consideration, account
Betracht (in Betracht)  considering
Betracht (in jedem Betracht)  in every respect
betrachten  consider, regard, view, look at, contemplate
Betrachtung (Betrachtungen anstellen über)  meditate on, reflect on
Betrachtung (die)  view, opinion, way of thinking, meditation, contemplation
Betrachtung (in Betrachtung ziehen)  take into consideration
Betreff (der)  regard, reference
Betreff (in Betreff)  in reference to, with regard to, as to, with respect to
betreffen  concern, affect, touch, have to do with, befall
betrüglich  fraudulent, false, deceptive, illusory
beurtheilen = beurteilen  judge, form an opinion of, estimate, value
Beurtheilung (die) = Beurteilung (die)  judgment, valuation, estimation, appraisal, criticism
Beurtheilungskraft (die) = Beurteilungskraft (die)  power of judgment
Beurtheilungsvermögen (das) = Beurteilungsvermögen (das)  faculty of judgment
bevorstehend  impending, forthcoming, prospective
bewahren  keep, preserve
bewähren  establish as true, prove, confirm, verify, authenticate
bewährt  proved, tried, tested, approved, trustworthy
bewandt  such, the case, conditioned, situated, qualified
bewegen  move, stir, put in motion, agitate, excite
Bewegung (die)  movement, motion, commotion, agitation, motive
Bewegungsgrund (der)  ground of movement, motive, reason for acting, inducement
Bewegursache (die)  motive, motivational cause, cause of movement, cause of motion
Beweis (der)  proof, evidence, argument, demonstration
beweisen  show, manifest, prove, demonstrate, establish
bewenden (bewenden lassen)  let be, let take its course, rest satisfied with
bewerkstelligen  achieve, effect, accomplish, bring about
bewirken  effect, cause, bring about, produce
bewundern  admire, wonder at
Bewunderung (die)  admiration
bewußt (sich einer Sache bewußt sein)  to be conscious of a thing, to be aware of a thing
bewust = bewußt  known, conscious of, aware, cognizant of
Bewustseyn (das) = Bewußtseyn (das) = Bewußtsein (das)  consciousness, knowledge, conviction
bey = bei  by, near, with, among, at
beyde = beide  both, either
beyderseitig = beiderseitig  on both sides, mutual, reciprocal
beyderseits = beiderseits  reciprocally, mutually, on both sides
beyfügen = beifügen  add, enclose, subjoin, append, attach
beylegen = beilegen  attribute to, ascribe to, confer, assign to, attach to
Beylegung (die) = Beilegung (die)  settlement, adjustment, addition, attribution, imputation
Beymischung (die) = Beimischung (die)  admixture, impurity
beynahe = beinahe  almost, nearly, all but
beysammen = beisammen  together, in the same place
beysammen (beysammen bestehen können) = beisammen (beisammen bestehen können)  be compatible
beysetzen = beisetzen  lay aside
Beyspiel (das) = Beispiel (das)  example, illustration, instance
Beystand (der) = Beistand (der)  help, aid, support, assistance
Beystande (der) = Beistande (der)  assistance
Beytrag (der) = Beitrag (der)  contribution, share
beytragen = beitragen  contribute
beywohnen = beiwohnen  be present at, attend, cohabit, dwell
bezahlen  pay, discharge, repay
bezeichnen  mark, denote, signify, designate, label
beziehen (sich)  refer, relate, make allusion, appeal
beziehen (sich beziehen auf)  refer to, relate to, make allusion to, appeal to
Beziehung (die)  reference, relation, connection, respect
bilden  form, fashion, shape, mold, model
billig  reasonable, right, fair, just, cheap
billigermaßen  fairly, in fairness, in justice
binden  bind, tie, fasten
binnen  within
bis  up to, as far as to, down to, to, till
bisher  hitherto, up to now, till now
bisherig  until now, hitherto existing, prevailing
bisweilen  sometimes, now and then, occasionally
bleiben  stay, remain, continue, abide
Blendwerk (das)  delusion, optical illusion, deception, mirage
blicken  look, glance, shine
blicken (blicken lassen)  show
blicken (sich blicken lassen)  appear, put in an appearance, let oneself be seen
blos = bloß  mere, sole, only, bare, naked
Blut (das)  blood
Boden (der)  ground, soil, floor, base, territory
bonum  vacans vacant property, a piece of property with no owner
borgen  borrow, take on credit
böse  bad, ill, evil, wicked, angry
Bösewicht (der)  scoundrel, villain, rogue, scamp, miscreant
brauchbar  useful, usable, serviceable
brauchen  need, want, require, use, make use of
breiten  make broad, widen, spread, extend, flatten out
Brief (der)  letter, document
bringen  bring, fetch, carry, bring forth, produce
bringen (in Anschlag bringen)  take into account, allow for
bringen (in ein System bringen)  reduce to a system
bringen (unter Regeln bringen)  reduce to rules
bringen (zu Ende bringen)  bring to an end, finish
bringen (zustande bringen)  bring into existence, bring about, accomplish
Brüche (die)  fractions, breaches, breaks, breakages, fractures
Calcul (der) = Kalkül (der)  calculation, assessment, estimate
Canon (der) = Kanon (der)  canon
Categorie (die) = Kategorie (die)  category
Categorien (die) = Kategorien (die)  categories
categorisch = kategorisch  categorical, positive, unconditional
Caussalität (die) = Caußalität (die) = Causalität (die)  causality
chicaniren  quibble
Cirkel (der)  circle, group, gathering, company, pair of compasses or dividers
concreto  concrete
consilia  advice, counsels, suggestions
Credit (der) = Kredit (der)  credit, reputation, trust
Creis (der) = Kreis (der)  circle, ring, sphere, range, orbit
Creutzbogen (die) = Kreuzbogen (die)  intersecting arcs
Critic (die) = Critik (die) = Kritik (die)  critique, review, criticism
d. (d. i. = das ist)  i.e. = that is
da  there, here, where, then, at that time
da (da hingegen)  while on the contrary, while on the other hand, whereas
da (da sein)  be present, be existent, be on the spot, be at hand
dabey = dabei  thereby, hereat, therewith, by that, by it
dadurch  thereby, by this, by which, by this means, in that way
dafür  on behalf of it, in return for it, instead of it, as such
dafürhalten  hold as an opinion
dagegen  on the other hand, on the contrary, as against this, by contrast, in comparison with
daher  from there, thus, so, hence, for that reason
daher (daher kommt es, daß)  hence it happens that
dahin  thither, to that place
dahingegen  on the other hand, on the contrary
damit  in order that, so that, that
dankbar  grateful, thankful
daran  thereon, thereat, thereby
darauf  thereon, thereupon, to this
daraus  therefrom, thence, hence
daraus (daraus folgt)  hence it follows
darein  therein, thereto, thereinto
darinn = darin  therein, in there, in, within
darnach  afterwards, thereafter, thereupon, accordingly, according to that
darstellen  present, exhibit, set forth
darthun = dartun  prove, verify, demonstrate, set forth
darüber  thereon, on that point, over and above, besides, in the meantime
darum  thereabout, on that account, for that reason, therefore
darum (sich darum zu thun)  anxious to do, concerned to do, important to do
das  this, that, it, which
Dasein (das)  existence, presence
daselbst  there, in that very place
dasjenig  that one, those, such, he, she
daß  that
dasselbe  the same, the latter, the selfsame
dastehen  be there, stand there, stand forth
Dauerhaftigkeit (die)  permanence, durability
dauernd  continuous, constant, enduring, lasting, abiding
daurend  continuous, constant, enduring, lasting, abiding
davon  therefrom, thereby, thereof, of it, of that
dawider  to the contrary, against
dazu  thereto, for that purpose, to that end, moreover, besides
Deduction (die)  deduction
dem  to the, to it, to whom, to which
demjenig  that, that one
demnach  accordingly, consequently, therefore
demonstriren = demonstrieren  demonstrate, show
demselben  to it, to the same
den  the, this, whom, which, to the
denen  to them, to whom, to which
denken  think, reflect
Denken (das)  thinking
denken (dative sich)  imagine, fancy, conceive, realize
denken (denken an)  think of
denken (denken über)  reflect on, ponder
Denkungsart (die)  way of thinking, turn of mind, disposition
denn  for, because, then, in that case
dennoch  yet, still, however, for all that, nevertheless
der  the, that, this, he, it
dereinst  some day, at some future time, in days to come
deren  of whom, whose, of which, of them
dergleichen  of such kind, such-like, like that, that kind of
derjenige  that one, those, such, he, she
derselbe  the same, the latter, the selfsame
des  of, of its
deshalb  on this account, for that reason, therefore, hence
desjenige  of that
dessen  whose, of whom, of which, of it, of that
desto  the, so much
desto (desto besser)  so much the better, all the better
desto (desto mehr)  so much the more
deswegen  on this account, for that reason, therefore, hence
deswegen (eben deswegen)  for that very reason
deswillen  for that reason, on this account, therefore, hence
deutlich  distinct, clear, plain, evident, intelligible
Deutlichkeit (die)  distinctness, clearness
dictiren  dictate
die  the, she, her, it, who
dienen  serve, be of service to, assist
dienlich  serviceable, useful
Dienst (der)  service
Dienst (zu Diensten stehen) 
dieselbe  the same, the latter, the selfsame
dieser  this, that, these, the latter, this one
dieses  this, that, these, the latter, this one
diesmal  this time, now
Ding (das)  thing, object, matter
Ding (das Ding an sich)  thing in itself
Ding (das Ding an sich selbst)  thing in itself
Dinge (die)  things
disponiren  dispose
Disposition (die)  disposition, arrangement, management
Disputiren (das)  debate, dispute
doch  yet, however, for all that, nevertheless, after all
dort  there, yonder
drehen  turn, twist, rotate, twirl, wind
drehen (sich)  turn, rotate, revolve
dreust = dreist  boldly, audaciously, daringly, impudently, brazenly
drey = drei  three
dreyerley = dreierlei  of three kinds, threefold
drittens  thirdly, in the third place
drohen  threaten, menace
drücken  press, push, squeeze, pinch, oppress
dunkel  dark, obscure, dim, dusky, gloomy
Dunkelheit (die)  darkness, obscurity
dünken  seem, look, appear
dünken (es dünkt mir)  it seems to me
dünken (sich)  imagine oneself, fancy oneself
dunkle = dunkele  dark
dünkt = deucht  seem
durch  through, across, by, by means of, owing to
durchaus  throughout, thoroughly, quite, completely, absolutely
durchblicken  peep through, peer through, appear through, become visible
durchführen  convey through, lead through, accomplish, realize, carry out
durchkommen  come through, get through, succeed, pass
durchs = durch das  through the, by the
Durchschnitt (der)  cut, section, cross-section, profile, average
Durchschnitt (im Durchschnitt)  on the average
durchsetzen  accomplish, carry through, put through, succeed with
dürfen  be permitted, have permission, have authority, be allowed, may
E.. (z. E. = zum Exempel)  e.g. = for example
eben  just, even, precisely, exactly, quite certainly
eben (eben so)  just so
ebenderselbe  the very same
ebendieselbe  the very same
ebenso  just as, just so
edel  noble, high-born, well-born, high-minded, lofty
edler  nobler
ehe  before, until
eher  sooner, rather, formerly, earlier
Ehrbegierde (die)  ambition, eager desire for glory
Ehre (die)  honor, credit, praise, glory, reputation
ehrenwerth  respectable, honorable
ehrlich  honest, honorable, reliable, open, true-hearted
Ehrlichkeit (die)  honesty
Eifer (der)  eagerness, zeal, ardour, fervour, passion
eigen  proper, inherent, own, individual, personal
Eigendünkel (der)  self-conceit
eigener  of its own
Eigenheit (die)  peculiarity, oddity, idiosyncrasy, quirk
eigenliebig  self-loving, flattering to oneself, gratifying to oneself, egotistic
Eigennutz (der)  self-interest
eigennützig  selfish, self-seeking, self-interested
Eigenschaft (die)  quality, property, attribute, characteristic
Eigenthum (das) = Eigentum (das)  property, belongings
eigenthümlich  belonging exclusively to, proper, characteristic, specific, distinctive
eigentlich  proper, true, real, actual, essential
eignes  own, individual, personal, proper, inherent
ein  a, an, one, the same, a person
einander  one another, each other
Einbildung (die)  imagination, conceit, fancy, presumption
Einbildungskraft (die)  imagination, power of imagination
einbüßen  forfeit, lose, suffer loss from
Eindruck (der)  impression, mark, stamp
Eindrücke (die)  impressions, marks, stamps
Eindrücken (dative)  impressions
einer  one, someone, anyone
einerlei  of one sort, one and the same
einerseits  on the one hand, on the one side
eines  a, one, of a
einfallen  occur to one's mind
Einfalt (die)  simplicity, innocence
Einfassung (die)  setting, enclosing, trimming, edging, border
einflößen  instill, imbue, infuse, induce, inspire with
Einflus = Einfluß (der)  influence
einflüstern  whisper to, insinuate
Eingang (der)  entry, entrance, access, admittance, acceptance
eingehen  enter into, consent, agree, acquiesce
eingepflanzt  implanted
eingestehen  confess, admit, own up, grant, allow
Einheit (die)  unity, oneness, union
einige  some, any, a few
einleuchten  be clear, be intelligible, be evident
einmal  once, one time, formerly, some day, one day
einmal (nicht einmal)  not even
einnehmen  take in, gather in, collect, take, assume
einpfropfen  engraft, implant, stuff in, cram in
einräumen  concede, allow, admit, grant, give up
einrichten  set right, arrange, prepare, order, adapt
Einrichtung (die)  arrangement, constitution, adjustment, tendency, contrivance
einschlagen  break in, punch in, burst in, drive in, knock in
einschränken  limit, bound, circumscribe, narrow, check
einschränken (sich auf eine Sache einschränken)  restrict oneself to a thing, retrench
Einschränkung (die)  limitation, restriction, curtailment
einsehen  look into, see into, look over, examine, perceive
Einsicht (die)  insight, discernment
einstimmen  agree, consent, harmonize, accord
einstimmig  consistently, unanimous, of one part, for one voice
Einstimmung (die)  agreement, harmonization
Eintheilung (die) = Einteilung (die)  division, arrangement, classification, distribution
Einwohner (der)  inhabitant, resident
Einwurf (der)  objection
einzeln  single, sole, individual, particular, isolated
einziehen  draw in, pull in, get in, take in, retract
einzig  only, single, sole, unique
eitel  frivolous, empty, idle, futile, vain
Eitelkeit (die)  vanity, conceit
ekelhaft  loathsome, disgusting, nauseous, offensive
Element (der)  element, rudiment, principle
Elend (das)  misery, distress, misfortune
Eltern (die)  parents
empfangenes  received
Empfänglichkeit (die)  susceptibility, impressionability, receptiveness
empfehlen  commend, recommend
Empfehlung (die)  recommendation
empfinden  feel, perceive, be sensible of, experience
Empfindung (die)  sensation, perception, feeling, sentiment
empirisch  empirical
Ende (das)  end, finish, close, conclusion, termination
endigen  finish, end, put an end to, terminate, conclude
endlich  finite, final, conclusive, last, ultimate
eng  narrow, close, tight, strict, confined
Enge (die)  narrowness, tightness, constriction, narrow place, strait
entdecken  discover, detect, find out
entfliehen  escape from
entgegen  towards, against, in face of, opposed to, contrary to
entgegengesetzt  contrary, opposite, opposed
entgegensetzen  set over against, place in opposition to, oppose, contrast, put in competition with
entgehen  get away from, escape, elude, avoid, evade
enthalten  hold, contain, comprise, include
enthalten (sich)  refrain from, abstain from
entkleiden  strip, undress, unclothe, divest
entlehnen  borrow, derive from
entrüsten  provoke, irritate, anger, enrage
entrüsten (sich)  become angry, become indignant
entscheiden  decide, determine, resolve, decree, pass sentence
entscheiden (sich)  make up one's mind, decide
entscheidend  decisive, critical, crucial, definite, final
Entscheidung (die)  decision, sentence, judgment
Entschlossenheit (die)  decision, determination, resolution, fixity of purpose
entspinnen (sich)  arise, begin, ensue, develop
entspringen  spring up, arise, originate in
entstehen  arise, begin, originate, be formed, be produced
entweder  either
entwerfen  sketch, draft, draw up, plan, design
entwickeln  unroll, unfold, untwist, unwrap, evolve
Entwickelung (die) = Entwicklung (die)  development, evolution, unfolding
Entwurf (der)  plan, design, model, scheme
entziehen  take away, remove, deprive of, withdraw, extract
eräugnen (sich) = ereignen (sich)  occur, happen, come to pass
Erbittung (die)  begging for, request, prevailing upon, entreaty
erblicken  catch sight of, behold, see
Erde (die)  earth, ground, soil
erdenklich  imaginable, conceivable
Ereignis (auf all Ereignisse gefaßt)  prepared for whatever might happen
Ereignis (das)  event, occurrence, incident
Erfahrung (die)  experience
Erfahrungsbegriff (der)  concept of experience, concept based on experience, concept derived from experience, experiential concept
Erfindung (die)  invention, discovery
Erfolg (der)  sucess, result
erfolgen  ensue, result, follow from
erforderlich  required
erfordern  require, need, necessitate, call for, demand
erforschen  search into, investigate, explore, fathom
erfreuen  gladden, delight, give pleasure, cheer, comfort
erfreuen (sich)  rejoice, be glad, be pleased, be delighted, take pleasure
Erfüllung (die)  fulfillment, accomplishment, performance, realization
ergehen  be issued, be published, be promulgated
ergehen (ergehen lassen)  issue
ergötzen  delight, amuse, please
ergötzen (sich)  take delight in, be amused at, be amused by
Ergötzlichkeit (die)  amusement, indulgence
ergründen  fathom, probe, investigate, look into, explore thoroughly
erhaben  raised, elevated, exalted, illustrious, sublime
Erhabenheit (die)  sublimity, nobility, grandeur, eminence, stateliness
erhalten  get, receive, obtain, preserve, keep
Erhaltung (die)  maintenance, preservation, conservation, procuring, obtaining
erheben  raise up, lift up, elevate
Erhebung (die)  elevation, raising, exaltation
erheischen  require, demand, claim
erhellen  clear up, light up, illuminate, brighten, expose
erhellen (daraus erhellt, daß, ...)  from this it is evident that, hence it appears that
erinnern  remind, call to someone's mind, draw attention to, mention, suggest
erkennen  cognize, take cognizance of, recognize, perceive, know
erkennen (zu erkennen geben)  show, indicate
Erkenntnis (das|die) = Erkenntniß (das|die) = Erkenntnis (die)  cognition, knowledge, perception
erklären  explain, account for, clear up, expound, declare
Erklären (das)  explanation
erklären (erklären für)  pronounce to be, declare to be
erklären (sich)  explain oneself, declare oneself for
Erklärung (die)  explanation, interpretation, elucidation, explication, solution
Erklärungsgrund (der)  ground of explanation, basis of explanation
Erkundigung (die)  inquiry, search
erlaubt  permitted, permissible, justifiable, excusable, sanctioned
erläutern  illustrate, explain, elucidate
Erläuterung (die)  illustration, explanation, elucidation
erleichtern  ease, lighten, make easy, facilitate, relieve
Ermangelung (die)  lack, want, deficiency
Ermüdung (die)  weariness, fatigue
erörtert  discussed, debated, argued
Erörterung (die)  discussion, debate
errathen  solve, guess, divine
erreichen  reach, attain, get, obtain
Erreichung (die)  attainment, achievement, reaching
erscheinen  appear, seem, be evident
Erscheinung (die)  appearance
erschmeicheln  obtain by flattery, wheedle out of
ersehen  see, perceive, learn, note, observe
ersehen (sich)  choose, select for oneself
erst  first, foremost, prime, leading, best
erstens  firstly, in the first place
erstlich  firstly, first
ertheilen  give, impart, confer on, bestow on, grant
erträglichen  tolerable
erwägen  consider, weigh, ponder
Erwägung (die)  consideration, reflection, contemplation, deliberation
Erwägung (in Erwägung ziehen)  take into consideration
erwähnen  mention, make mention of, call to notice
Erwähnung (die)  mention
Erwähnung (einer Sache Erwähnung tun)  mention a thing
erwarten  expect, await, wait for, anticipate
Erwartung (die)  expectation, anticipation
erwecken  rouse, wake, waken, arouse, inspire
erweislich  provable, demonstrable
Erweiterung (die)  widening, enlargement, extension, amplification
erwerben  obtain, acquire
erzeigen  show, manifest, display, render to, do
es  it, there, he, she, it
es (er hat es mit mir zu tun)  he has me to deal with
es (es müßte denn)  unless, provided, it would then have to
etc = etcetera  and others, and so forth, and so on
Ethik (die)  ethics
etwa  nearly, about, perhaps, by chance, for instance
etwas  something, anything, some, any, little
Etwas (das)  something, entity
fähig  able, capable of, clever, apt, fit for
Fähigkeit (die)  capability, ability, faculty, talent, capacity
Fall (der)  case, instance, event
Fall (im Fall der Not)  in case of necessity
Fall (im Falle, daß)  in case
Fall (in dem Falle)  in that case
fallen  fall, tumble, drop, sink, be deposited
fällen  cause to fall, fell, lay low, shoot, bring down
fallen (es fällt in die Augen)  it catches the eye, it strikes one, leaps to the eye, is evident
fälschlich  false, erroneous
fassen  grasp, seize, hold, lay hold of, contain
fassen (sich)  collect oneself, compose oneself, contain oneself, pull oneself together
faßlich  comprehensible, intelligible, conceivable
Feder (die)  feather, plume, spring
federn  be elastic, be springy, shed feathers, moult
federnd  resilient, springy, light, moulting
fehlen  miss, lack, to be wanting, to be absent
fehlen (es fehlt ihm noch viel)  he is short of many things
fehlschlagen  fail, come to nothing
Feind (der)  enemy, foe
Feld (das)  field, area
fern  far, distant, far off, remote
fest  firm, solid, hard, compact, strong
festiglich  firmly
festsetzen  fix, establish, arrange, stipulate, lay down
Festsetzung (die)  establishment, appointment
feststehen  be settled, be certain, be established as fact
fieri  be done, happen, take place
finden  find, discover, meet with, light upon, think
finden (für gut finden)  think proper
finden (sich)  find oneself, be found, be, turn out to be, occur
Fleiß (der)  diligence, industry, assiduity
flicken  patch, mend, repair, bungle
fliegend  flying, flowing
fließen  flow, run, melt, trickle down
fließen (fließen aus)  proceed from
Flügel (der)  wing
Folge (die)  consequence, result, effect, conclusion, inference
folgen  follow, ensue, succeed, be derived, obey
folgend  subsequent, next
folgender  the following, as follows
folgendes  the following, as follows
Folgerung (die)  consequence, result, outcome, inference, deduction
folglich  consequenlty, hence, therefore, accordingly
folgsam  obedient, tractable, docile
fordern  require, demand, ask, claim, exact
Forderung (die)  demand, claim, requisition, summons, challenge
Form (die)  form, figure, shape, make, fashion
formale  formal
Formale (das)  formal, formal aspect, formal element
Formel (die)  formula, rule, formulation
formell  formal
Fortgang (der)  continuation, progress, advance
Fortpflanzung (die)  procreation, propagation
fortschreiten  move forward, step forward, advance, go on, proceed
Frage (die)  question, query, inquiry, problem
fragen  ask, inquire, interrogate, question
fragen (es fragte sich, ob)  the question was whether
freilassen  release, set free, liberate
fremd  strange, foreign, alien, extraneous, unknown
Freude (die)  joy, gladness, delight, pleasure
frey = frei  free, independent, unconstrained, at liberty, open
Freyheit (die) = Freiheit (die)  freedom, liberty
freylich = freilich  admittedly, of course, certainly, no doubt
Frist (die)  duration, space of time, period, interval, appointed time
fruchtbar  fruitful, fertile, prolific, productive
Fruchtlosigkeit (die)  fruitlessness
früh  early, in the morning, soon, speedy, premature
fühlen  feel, perceive, sense
Fühlen (das)  feeling, perception, sensation
führen  lead, guide, direct, carry, bring
führen (bei sich führen)  carry about one, carry with itself
führen (sich)  conduct oneself, behave
für  for, instead of, in lieu of, per, in favor of
für (an und für sich)  in itself, taken by itself, in the abstract
für (für sich)  for itself, by itself, in itself, independently
für (für sich allein)  all by itself, entirely by itself, by itself alone
Furcht (die)  fear, anxiety, terror, dread, fright
furchtbar  awful, horrible, terrible
fürs = für das  for the
fußen  found, build, base, depend on, rely on
Fußsteig (der)  footpath, sidewalk
Gabe (die)  gift, talent, endowment
ganz  whole, entire, undivided, complete, intact
ganz (ganz und gar)  wholly, totally, entirely, absolutely, through and through
ganz (ganz und gar nicht)  not at all, by no means
ganz (ganz wohl)  very well
Ganze (das)  whole, entirety, totality, total
gar  entirely, fully, absolutely, very, quite
gar (gar kein)  not the least, not the slightest
geartet  composed, constituted, natured, disposed, formed
gebähnt  beaten, traveled, worn
geben  give, present, confer, bestow, yield
geben (es gibt)  there is, there are
Gebiet (das)  area, region, district, territory, zone
gebieten  command, order, bid, lay down the law, govern
gebietend  commanding, sovereign
gebildet  formed, shaped, fashioned, educated, cultured
Gebot (das)  command, order, precept
Gebrauch (der)  employment, use, usage, custom, practice
gebrauchen  use, employ, make use of
Gebrechlichkeit (die)  frailty, feebleness, weakness, infirmity, decrepitude
gedachte  aforesaid, thought-of, proposed
Gedanke (der)  thought, idea, conception, notion, design
Gedanken (in Gedanken vertieft)  engrossed in thought, preoccupied
gedenken  bear in mind, think of, be mindful of, remember, make mention of
Gedränge (das)  crowd, press, throng, need, distress
Geduld (die)  patience, forbearance, endurance
Gefahr (die)  danger, peril, hazard, risk
gefährlich  dangerous, hazardous, perilous, risky
gefallen  please
gefaßt  ready, prepared
gefaßt (auf alle Ereignisse gefaßt)  prepared for whatever might happen, prepared for all eventualities
gefaßt (sich gefaßt machen auf eine Sache)  prepare oneself for something, accept something with composure
Gefühl (das)  feeling, sentiment, emotion
gegen  towards, to, in the direction of, in favor of, against
Gegengewicht (das)  counterweight, counterpoise
Gegenhaltung (die)  comparison, opposition
Gegensatz (der)  opposition, antithesis, contrast
Gegenstand (der)  subject, object
Gegentheil (das) = Gegenteil (das)  opposite, contrary, reverse, converse
gegenwärtig  present, current, extant, actual
Gehalt (der)  contents, ingredients, content, capacity, strength
geheim  secret, private, confidential, hidden, concealed
gehen  go, move, walk, proceed, pass
gehoben  raised, lifted, removed, canceled, elevated
Gehör (das)  hearing
gehorchen  obey
gehören  belong to, be owned by, be part of, appertain to, be due to
gehörig  belonging to, appertaining to, fitting
gehts (was geht das mich an?)  what's that to me?
Geist (der)  spirit, mind, intellect
gelangen  reach, arrive, arrive at, attain, achieve
Geld (das)  coin, money, cash
gelegen  situated, convenient, opportune, fit, proper
gelegen (es ist mir wenig daran gelegen)  it is of no consequence to me, it is a matter of indifference to me
gelegentlich  occasionally, incidentally
gelehrt  learned, scholarly, erudite
gelingen  succeed, manage, prosper
gelten  be valid, hold good, be considered as, be current, pass for
gelten (geltend machen)  urge, assert, vindicate
Gemächlichkeit (die)  convenience, comfort, ease
gemäß  according to, conformably to, in conformity with, suitable, conformable
gemäß (seinen Grundsätzen gemäß leben)  live according to one's principles, live up to one's principles
Gemäßheit (die)  conformity
gemein  common, general, ordinary, low, vulgar
Gemeingültigkeit (die)  generality, vulgarity, coarseness
gemeiniglich  commonly, usually, generally
gemeinnützig  generally useful, commonly useful
gemeinschaftlich  common, mutual, joint, collective
gemeinverständlich  commonly understandable
Gemisch (das)  mixture, composition, alloy, medley
gemischt  mixed, combined
Gemüth (das) = Gemüt (das)  mind, soul, heart, disposition, spirit
Gemüthskräfte (die) = Gemütskräfte (die)  powers of mind, mental powers
genau  accurate, exact, precise
generalitas  generality
genießen  eat or drink, take nourishment, enjoy, have the benefit of
genöthigt  necessitated, obliged, forced, coerced, compelled
genug = gnug  enough, sufficient, sufficiently
genügen  be enough, suffice, satisfied with, content with
Genuß (der)  enjoyment
gerade  direct, straight, precise, exact
geräth  fall into, get into, come into
gerathen  fall into, get into, come into
gerecht  just, fair, righteous, upright, legitimate
gerechtfertigen  justify
Gerichtshof (der)  court of justice, law courts, tribunal
geringeres (das) = Geringeres (das)  lesser
Geringeres (nichts Geringeres als)  nothing short of, nothing less than
geringschätzen  esteem lightly, scorn, despise, think little of
gern  gladly, with pleasure, readily, willingly
gesäubert  cleanse, clean
Geschäft (das)  business, commerce, trade, transaction, deal
geschehen  take place, happen, come to pass, occur, be done
geschehen (es kann geschehen, daß)  it may chance that
gescheut  clever
Geschichte (die)  history, story
Geschicklichkeit (die)  skill
Geschlecht (das)  kind, species, race, family, stock
Geschmack (der)  taste, flavor, relish, fancy, liking
Geschöpf (das)  creature, production, creation
Geschwätz (das)  idle talk, babble, tittle-tattle, gossiping, rigmarole
Gesetz (das)  law, statute, commandment, decree, precept
Gesetze (die)  laws
gesetzgebend  lawgiving, legislating
Gesetzgeber (der)  lawgiver
Gesetzgebung (die)  lawgiving, legislating, enactment
gesetzmäßig  lawful, legitimate, legal, according to laws, regular
Gesetzmäßigkeit (die)  conformity to law
gesetzt  fixed, set, placed, established, posited
gesetzwidrig  contrary to law, unlawful, illegal
Gesichtspunct (der) = Gesichtspunkt (der)  point of view, standpoint
gesinnt  minded, disposed, affected
Gesinnung (die)  disposition, sentiment, conviction, mind, way of thinking
Gespinst (das)  spun yarn, web, cocoon, tissue of lies
Gestalt (die)  form, shape, figure, build, frame
Geständnis (das)  admission, acknowledgement, confession, avowal
Geständnisse (die)  admissions, acknowledgements
gestehen  admit, acknowledge, grant, confess, own
gestimmt  tuned, attuned, disposed, inclined, constituted
gesund  sound, healthy, well, solvent, wholesome
Gesundheit (die)  health
gewähren  grant, concede, accord, vouchsafe, give
gewähren (Vergnügen gewähren)  afford pleasure
Gewalt (die)  power, authority, dominion, might, control
Gewerbe (das)  trade, business, industry, profession
gewinnen  win, gain, obtain, acquire, earn
gewirkt  woven
Gewisheit (die) = Gewißheit (die)  certainty, assurance, proof, certitude
gewiß  certain, sure, assured, positive, true
Gewissen (das)  conscience
gewitzigt  taught by experience, shrewd
Gewohnheit (die)  habit, custom, usage, fashion
gewöhnlich  usual, customary
gewohnt  accustomed to, in the habit of, used to, usual
geziemend  proper, becoming, suitable, fit
Giftmischer (der)  poisoner
glänzen  shine, glitter, glisten, gleam, sparkle
Glauben (der)  faith, confidence, trust, belief
gleich  same, like, equal, equivalent, alike
gleich (in gleichem Maße)  to the same extent, to the same degree
gleichartig  of the same kind, homogeneous, similar, analogous
gleichen  equal, match, be equal to, resemble, be like
gleichfalls  likewise, also, in the same way, even, in like case
gleichgültig  indifferent, unconcerned, apathetic
gleichsam  as it were, as if, as though, so to speak, so to say
gleichwohl = gleichwohl  nevertheless, notwithstanding, yet, for all that, even so
Glied (das)  member
Glieder (die)  members
Glück (das)  happiness, good fortune, prosperity
glücklich  fortunate, lucky, prosperous, successful, auspicious
Glückseligkeit (die)  happiness. bliss, rapture
Glücksgaben (die)  gifts of fortune
gnug = genug  enough, sufficient, sufficiently
gnugsam  sufficient, plentiful
Gnugthuung (die)  satisfaction
Gottesfurcht (die)  fear of God, piety
göttlich  divine, godlike, godly
Grad (der)  degree, rank, grade, rate, stage
Gram (der)  sorrow, misery, grief, affliction
grämisch  peevish, morose, sullen, surly, sour
Grenze (die)  boundary, border, limit, edge, frontier
griechisch  Greek
grob  coarse, rude, uncivil, gross, flagrant
groß  tall, high, great, big, large
größt  tallest, highest, greatest, bigest, largest
größtentheils  for the most part, mostly, chiefly
Grübler (der)  over-subtle reasoner, melancholy brooder, one lost in futile speculation, speculator, hair-splitter
Grund (aus dem Grunde)  fundamentally, thoroughly, utterly
Grund (aus welchem Grunde)  from what ground, for whatever reason, for whatever ground, on whatever ground
Grund (der)  ground, first principle, reason, basis, base
Grund (im Grunde)  at bottom, after all, really, fundamentally
Gründe (die)  grounds, first principles, reasons
Gründe (Gründe angeben)  specify reasons
gründen  establish, found, ground, base
gründen (sich)  rest on, be based on, rely on, is grounded on
Grundlage (die)  foundation, base, basis, rudiments, groundwork
grundlegend  fundamental
Grundlegung (die)  laying the foundation, groundlaying
gründlich  thorough, solid, well-founded, profound, radical
grundlose  groundless
Grundsatz (der)  ground proposition, basic principle, rule of conduct, axiom, basic principle
Gründung (die)  foundation, establishment, founding
gültig  valid, binding, good, legal, authentic
Gültigkeit (die)  validity
Gunst (die)  favor, goodwill, kindness, affection, partiality
Gunst (zu Gunsten von)  in favor of, on behalf of, to the credit of
günstig  favorable, advantageous, convenient, propitious, kind
gut  good, excellent, desirable, beneficial, pleasant
gutartig  good-natured, benign, mild
Gute (das)  goodness, good quality
Güte (die)  kindness, goodness, excellence, purity, quality
gutgesinnt  friendly, right-minded, loyal, well-disposed
haben  have, possess, hold, bear
haben (sich)  behave
halben  half
halbvernünftelnd  half-reasoned, half-rationalized, half-baked, semi-rational
Hals (auf den Hals ziehen)  bring down on one's head
Hals (der)  neck, throat
halten  hold, keep, retain, think, deem
halten (halten für)  look upon, consider, think, take to be
Halter (der)  holder, keeper, owner
Hand (an die Hand geben)  provide, supply
Hand (die)  hand
handeln  act
Handeln (das)  acting, action
handhaben  handle, manipulate, manage, deal with, operate
Handlung (die)  action, deed, performance, act, transaction
Handwerk (das)  handicraft, trade, guild
Hang (der)  propensity, bias, bent, disposition
hängen  hang, suspend, attach, fasten
Haß (der)  hate, hatred, enmity
häufig  frequent, repeated, often, numerous, abundant
Hauptfrage (die)  main issue, main question, key question, central question
Hauptzug (der)  leading feature, principal feature, main feature, main direction, outline
heben  lift, raise, elevate, heave, draw up
Heiligkeit (die)  holiness, godliness, sanctity, sacredness
heißen  to be called, to be named, mean, signify, name
heißen (es heißt)  it is said, it is reported, they say
heller  brighter, brightly
her  hither, here, this way, from
herabbringen  bring down, reduce
Herablassung (die)  condescension, descent, courtesy, affability
herabsetzen  lower, degrade, undervalue, minimize, disparage
heraus  out, from
herausbekommen  arrive at, elicit
herauskommen  come out, come forth, issue, appear, be issued
herauskommen (aus etwas herauskommen)  recover from something, get over something
herausziehen  extract
herbei  here, near, on, this way
herbeiführen  bring about, bring up, bring near, induce, cause
herbeiziehen  draw near, pull near, draw towards, pull towards
hergeben  give up, deliver, give away, hand over
herholen  fetch, import
hernehmen  take, get, draw from, deduce, derive
Herold (der)  herald, mouthpiece
herrlich  magnificent, splendid, glorious
Herrschbegierde (die)  dominion
herum  round, round about, around, about
herumschwärmen  swarm about, revel, riot, rove, wander
herumsuchen  seek round, look around for, hunt around for
hervorbringen  produce, bring forth, generate
hervorscheinen  shine forth
hervorstechen  stand out, jut out, be conspicuous
Herz (das)  heart
herzählen  reckon up, enumerate
hiebei  hereby, in doing so, herewith, by, at
hiedurch  by this means, by this, due to this, hereby, thereby
hiemit  herewith, along with this, saying this, doing this
hieran  hereupon, on this, at this, by this, in this
hieraus  hereby, by this, out of this, from here, from this
hierin  in this
hierüber  over here, about this, concerning this
hievon  hereof, of this, from this
hiezu  hereto, to this, add to this, in addition to this, moreover
Himmel (der)  heaven, heavens, sky, firmament
hinaus  out, outside, forth, beyond
hinausgehen  go out, go beyond, surpass, exceed, transcend
Hindernis (das)  hindrance, obstacle, impediment, bar, check
hinein  into, inside, from out here
hineinempfinden  therein feel
hineinschauen  therein intuit
hingegen  on the contrary, on the other hand, whereas
hinlänglich  sufficient, adequate
hinreichend  sufficient, adequate, enough
Hintansetzung (die)  disregard, neglecting, slighting
hinter  behind, after
hinterher  behind, afterwards, in the rear
hinzu  to, towards, near, in addition, besides
hinzufügen  add to, append
hinzukommen  be added, come up to
hinzuthun  add
Hirn (das)  brain, brains, intellect
Hirngespinst (das)  fancy, whim, chimera, bogey, phantom
hoch  high, tall, lofty, noble, sublime
hochachtungswürdig  worthy of esteem, deserving of highest respect, deserving of greatest regard
hochfliegend  high-flying, soaring, lofty, ambitious, high-flown
Hochpreisung (die)  eulogy
hochschätzen  highly esteem
Hochschätzung (die)  high esteem
hoffen  hope, expect, look for
Hoffnung (die)  hope, expectation
hoffnungslos  hopeless
Hoffnungslosigkeit (die)  hopelessness, despair
Höflichkeit (die)  politeness, courtesy, civility
hohe  high, tall, lofty, noble, sublime
i. (d. i. = das ist)  i.e. = that is
Ich (das)  self, ego
Idee (die)  idea, notion, conception, thought, fancy
ihr  you, her, its, their, your
im = in dem  in the, at the
imgleichen  also, in addition, furthermore, moreover, likewise
immer  always, every, every time, perpetually, continually
immer (immer weiter)  on and on, further and further
immer (immer wieder)  again and again
immer (laß ihn nur immer kommen)  he can come for all I care, as far as I'm concerned he can come
immer (was er nur immer haben mag)  what can be the matter with him!
Imperativ (der)  imperative
Imperative (die)  imperatives
in  in, at, into, to, within
Inbegriff (der)  contents, embodiment, essence, tenor, purport
indem  just then, meanwhile, during the time that, while, in doing that
indessen  meanwhile, meantime, while, however, nevertheless
ingeheim  secretly, covertly, tacitly
Inhalt (der)  content, contents, subject, purport, substance
inne  within
inner  inner, intrinsic, inward, internal, spiritual
innewerden  become aware of, become conscious of, realize
innig  intimate, heartfelt, sincere, earnest, cordial
inniglich  intimate, heartfelt, sincere, earnest, cordial
insgesamt  all together, collectively, in a body, all, in every case
insofern  so far as, inasmuch as, if, in case
Intelligenz (die)  intelligence, understanding, intellect
intelligibel  intelligible
Interesse (das)  interest, advantages
interessiren  interest
interessiren (sich)  be interested, take an interest in
irgend  any, some, perhaps, about, nearly
ist  is
ists = ist es  it is
ja  yes, truly, really, indeed, certainly
ja (ja sogar)  yes, and what is more
je  ever, always, at all times, at any time, at every time
je (je mehr, desto besser)  the more, the merrier
jede  each, every, either, any, each one
jeder  each, every, either, any, each one
jedermann  everyone, everybody
jederzeit  always, at any time
jedes  each, every, either, any, each one
jemals  ever, at any time
jene  that, that one, the former
Jugend (die)  youth, adolescence, young people, early period
Juwel (das|der)  jewel, gem, precious stone
kalt  cold, cool, chilly, frigid, indifferent
kaltblütig  cold-blooded, cool, dispassionate
kämpfen  fight, combat, struggle, strive, contend with
kärglich  scanty, poor, paltry, wretched, niggardly
kaufen  buy, purchase
Käufer (der)  purchaser, buyer
Kaufmann (der)  merchant, tradesman, shopkeeper
kehren  turn, sweep
kehren (sich kehren an)  turn, regard, heed, mind, pay attention to
kein  no, not a, not one, not any
keinesweges  in no way
kennen  know, be acquainted with, have cognizance of
Kenner (der)  connoisseur, judge, expert, specialist
Kenntnis (die) = Kenntniß (die)  knowledge, acquaintance, information, cognizance
Kind (das)  child, offspring
Kinder (die)  children, offspring
Klage (die)  complaint, grievance, accusation
klar  clear, limpid, transparent, bright, pure
klein  little, small, tiny, minute, diminutive
kleinmütig  despondent, faint-hearted, dejected
klug  prudent, wise
klüger  more prudent, wiser
Klugheit (die)  prudence, good sense, cleverness, sagacity, shrewdness
klüglich  prudent, wise
knüpfen  attach, fasten, unite, join
kommen  come, arrive, approach, get to, draw near
kommen (einem zustatten kommen)  prove useful to a person, come in useful to a person
kommen (wenn es hoch kommt)  at the most
kommen (zustande kommen)  occur, happen, take place, come to pass
kommen (zustatten kommen)  be of use, be serviceable
können  be able to, be capable of, be permitted to, be in a position to, know how
können (es kann sein)  it may be
Körper (der)  body, bulk, matter, compound, substance
Kraft (die)  power, force, strength, energy, vigor
Kräfte (die)  powers, forces, strengths, energies
kräftig  strong, powerful, energetic, vigorous, robust
kraftlos  impotent, weak, feeble, powerless, ineffectual
Krämer (der)  shopkeeper, retailer, tradesman, grocer, haberdasher
Kundschaft (die)  information, notice, knowledge
künftig  future
Kunst (die)  art, skill
Künste (die)  arts, skills
küren  choose, elect
kurz  short, brief, abrupt, summary, concise
kurz (kurz vorher)  a little while before, a short time previously
laben  refresh, revive, restore, comfort, delight
laben (sich an ... laben)  enjoy ... thoroughly
lachen  laugh
Lage (die)  situation, position, site, locality, location
lang  long, tall
lange  by far, a long while, long
lange (lange nicht)  not nearly
länger  longer, taller
lassen  let, leave alone, leave
lassen (das läßt sich leicht tun)  that may easily be done, we can easily have that done
lassen (es läßt sich nicht)  it cannot be done, it is not practicable, it is not feasible
lassen (es läßt sich nicht übersetzen)  it cannot be translated, it defies translation
Last (die)  load, burden, weight, cargo, charge
Laster (das)  vice, depravity
lästig  burdensome, troublesome, irksome, annoying, tedious
laufen  run, go, walk, move, flow
laufen (Gefahr laufen)  run a risk
Laune (die)  mood, humor, temper, frame of mind, whim
launig  humorous, comical, funny, droll
lauten  sound, run, read, purport to be, have tenor of
lauter  only, nothing but, pure and simple
Lauterkeit (die)  purity, clearness, uprightness, integrity, sincerity
Lebenswandel (der)  conduct of life, mode of life, behavior, habits, life style
lebhaft  lively, vivacious, spirited, active, sprightly
lediglich  only, merely, simply, solely
leer  empty, vacant, void, unoccupied, blank
legen  lay, put, place, deposit, set
legen (zu Grunde legen)  base upon, take as a basis, take as a ground, lay down as ground
Lehrbegriff (der)  doctrine, system, outline, manual of science
Lehre (die)  instruction, lesson, precept, teaching, warning
lehren  teach, instruct, inform, show, prove
Lehren (die)  instructions, lessons, precepts, teachings, warnings
lehren (einen lesen lehren)  to teach someone to read
Lehrer (der)  teacher, schoolmaster, instructor, tutor
leicht  light, easy, free, facile, nimble
Leichtigkeit (die)  ease, facility, agility, readiness
leiden  suffer, bear, endure, undergo, put up with
Leiden (das)  suffering, pain, torment, affliction, malady
leidend  passive, ailing, suffering
Leidenschaft (die)  passion
leihen  lend, loan, borrow
leisten  do, fulfill, carry out, perform, accomplish
leisten (Folge leisten)  obey
leiten  lead, guide, conduct, direct, manage
Leitfaden (der)  guiding thread, clue, guide, manual
Leitung (die)  leading, guidance, direction, administration, directorate
Lenkung (die)  direction, steering, controlling, governing, control
lernen  learn, study
Leser (der)  reader
letzt  last, latest, ultimate, final, extreme
letztere  the latter
leuchten  illuminate, shine, light, give light, radiate
Licht (das)  light, illumination
lieb  dear, beloved, valued, esteemed, attractive
Liebe (die)  love, affection, fondness, kindness, favour
liebenswürdig  kind, amiable, charming
lieber  rather, instead
liefern  deliver, hand over, furnish, supply, offer
liegen  lie, rest, repose, be recumbent, be situated
liegen (zu Grunde liegen)  underlie, be based upon, be the basis of, be at the root of, be at the bottom of
liegend  lying, recumbent, prostrate, horizontal, situated
liegendes (das) = Liegendes (das)  something lying under, the underlying
Linie (die)  line
Lob (der)  praise, commendation, eulogy, applause, fame
Logik (die)  logic
logisch  logical
Lohn (der)  reward
los  loose, slack, flowing, dishevelled, free
Lossagung (die)  renunciation, withdrawal
Lüge (die)  lie, falsehood, untruth
lügen  lie, fib, tell a lie, deceive, be false
lügenhaft  lying, false, untrue, deceitful, mendacious
Lust (die)  pleasure, joy, delight
Luxus (der)  luxury, sumptuousness, extravagance
Maasstab (der) = Maßstab (der)  ruler, rule, measure, standard, scale
machen  make, do, manufacture, fabricate, create
machen (Anspruch machen auf)  put forward a claim to, lay claim to
machen (es läßt sich nicht machen)  it cannot be done, it is not practicable, it is not feasible
machen (etwas zu Gelde machen)  turn something into money
machen (sich)  do well, get on, come right, happen
machen (sich etwas zum Gesetze machen)  make it a rule or law for oneself
Macht (die)  power, might, strength, authority
mächtig  mighty, strong, powerful
mag (es mag sei!)  let it pass! granted!
mag (wie dem auch sein mag)  be that as it may
man  one, they, people, we, you
manch  many a, many a one
manche  many, some, several
mancherlei  various, sundry, diverse
manches  many a thing, many things
manchmal  sometimes, now and again, from time to time
Maß (das)  measure, measurement, size, dimension, gauge
mäßigen  moderate, temper, ease, mitigate, allay
Mäßigung (die)  moderation, restraint
material  material
Material (das)  material, matter, substance, stuff
Materie (die)  matter, stuff, substance, subject, cause
materiell  material, real, materialistic
Maxime (die)  maxim, principle
Mechanismus (der)  mechanism, works
mehr  more
Mehr (das)  majority, increase, surplus, excess, more
mehren  increase, augment, multiply, propagate, grow
mehrentheils  for the most part, mostly, often
mehrere  several
Mehrere (das)  more
mehrmals  again and again, repeatedly, more than once, several times, often
meinen  be of the opinion, believe, think, suppose, mean
meist  most, mostly, generally, usually
meist (am meisten)  most of all, for the most part
Meister (der)  master, chief, leader, boss
Meister (seiner Gefühle Meister werden)  get one's feelings under control
Menge (die)  multitude, crowd, quantity, number, amount
Mensch (der)  human being, man, person
Menschen (die)  people, mankind
Menschenvernunft (die)  human reason
Menschheit (die)  humanity, human race, mankind
merken  note, mark, observe, perceive, notice
merklich  marked, noticeable, appreciable, visible, perceptible
Metaphysik (die)  metaphysics
Methode (die)  method, way, manner, process
mindest  least, smallest, lowest, minimum
mir  me, to me
mischen  mix, mingle, blend, combine, compound
Mischmasch (der)  medley, hotchpotch, hodgepodge, mish-mash
mißfallen  displease, be displeasing, offend
mißlich  precarious, doubtful, uncertain
Mißverstandes (das)  misunderstanding, misconception, mistake, error
mit  with, along with, in company with, at the same time with, by
mitbringen  bring with, entail
mithin  therefore, consequently, hence, and therefore, and consequently
Mittel (das)  means, way
mittelbar  mediate, mediated, indirect, collateral
mitten  midway
mitten (mitten inne)  right in the middle, amidst
mitten (mitten unter)  amongst, amidst, in the midst of
mittler  middle, central, medium, average, mean
mitunter  sometimes, at times, occasionally, now and then
Mitwirkung (die)  cooperation, assistance, participation
mögen  want, wish, like, desire, have a mind to
möglich  possible, practicable, feasible
Möglichkeit (die)  possibility
Moral (die)  morals, morality, ethics, moral philosophy
Moralische (das)  moral, moral matters, what is moral, that which is moral
Moralischen (das)  moral, moral matters, what is moral, that which is moral
Moralität (die)  morality
Mühe (die)  trouble, pains, effort, toil, labor
Mühseligkeit (die)  hardship, misery, irksomeness
Münze (die)  coin, coinage, small change
Müßiggang (der)  idleness
Muster (das)  model, ideal, paragon, pattern, design
Muth (der) = Mut (der)  courage, pluck, fortitude, boldness, mettle
nach  after, behind, following, according to, in conformity with
nach (nach und nach)  little by little, by degrees, gradually, by and by
Nachahmung (die)  imitation, counterfeiting, forgery
nachdem  afterwards, hereafter, after, according as, according to the way that
Nachdenken (das)  reflection
nachdenkend  reflective, thinking
Nachdruck (der)  stress, emphasis, energy, vigor, force
Nachforschung (die)  quest, search, investigation, research
Nachfrage (die)  inquiry, demand, request
nachhängen  give way to, give oneself up to, indulge in, be addicted to
nachher  afterwards, later, subsequently
Nachlässigkeit (die)  negligence, carelessness, inaccuracy, remissness, slack
nachlaßlichen  remitting, remissible, pardonable, postponable, discontinuous
nachsetzen  put after, put behind, set after, place after, subordinate
Nachsicht (die)  indulgence, forbearance, leniency, clemency, pity
Nachsicht (Nachsicht üben gegen)  be indulgent toward, make allowance for
nachstehen  make way for, give way to
Nachstellung (die)  intrigue, pestering
Nachtheil (der) = Nachteil (der)  detriment, disadvantage
nachtheilig  disadvantageous, prejudicial, detrimental
näher  nearer, closer, more precise, more detailed, more intimate
Nahme (der) = Name (der)  name, title, denomination, noun, appellation
nämlich = nemlich  the self-same, namely, that is to say, of course
Natur (die)  nature, disposition, constitution
Naturabsicht (die)  purpose of nature
Naturanlage (die)  disposition, temperament, natural constitution, natural aptitudes, natural predisposition
Naturbeschaffenheit (die)  natural constitution, natural character
Natureinrichtung (die)  natural tendency
Naturgabe (die)  natural gift, natural talent, natural endowment
Naturgesetz (das)  law of nature, natural law
Naturlehre (die)  doctrine of nature, natural philosophy
Naturmechanismus (der)  mechanism of nature
Naturnothwendigkeit (die) = Naturnotwendigkeit (die)  necessity of nature, natural necessity, physical necessity
Naturordnung (die)  natural order, natural ordering
Naturreich (der)  natural empire, natural kingdom
Naturwesen (das)  natural being
Naturzweck (der)  natural end, natural aim
nehmen  take, seize, appropriate, capture, lay hold of
nehmen (sich das Leben nehmen)  commit suicide, kill oneself, take one's life
nehmen (sich die Freiheit nehmen)  take the liberty
Neid (der)  envy, grudge, jealousy
Neigung (die)  inclination, preference, disposition, tendency
nennen  name, call, term, style, denominate
neu  new, fresh, recent, modern, novel
nicht  not
nicht (nicht einmal)  not even, not so much as
nicht (nicht mehr)  no more, no longer
nicht (nicht weniger als)  no less than
nicht (nicht wohl)  not well, poorly, not easily
Nichtachtung (die)  disregard, disrespect, neglect, contempt
nichts  nothing
Nichts (das)  nothingness, emptiness, nothing, void, naught
nichts (nichts als)  nothing but, nothing short of
nichts (nichts weniger als)  anything but, nothing less than
nichts (um nichts)  for nothing
Nichtsein (das)  non-existence, nullity
niederschlagen  dejected, depressed, low-spirited, cast-down
niedrig  low, lowly, inferior, base, abject
niemals  never, at no time
niemand  nobody, no one
nimmermehr  nevermore, never, not at all
nirgend  nowhere, nowhere at all
noch  still, yet, in addition, besides, further
noch (noch dazu)  besides, moreover
noch (noch immer)  still
noch (noch nicht)  not yet, not quite
non  not, no
Norm (die)  rule, standard, model, norm, criterion
Noth (die) = Not (die)  need, want, distress, misery, exigency
nöthig = nötig  necessary, required
nöthig (etwas nöthig haben)  need a thing, be in need of a thing
nöthigen = nötigen  necessitate, oblige, force, constrain, coerce
nöthigend = nötigend  necessitating, obliging, constraining
Nöthigung (die) = Nötigung (die)  necessitation, constraint, compulsion, coercion
Nothleidenden (die) = Notleidenden (die)  sufferers
nothwendig  necessary, urgent, essential, indispensable, inevitable
Nothwendigkeit (die) = Notwendigkeit (die)  necessity, urgency
nüchtern  sober, temperate, moderate, calm, reasonable
Null (die)  naught, zero, cipher, blank
nun  now, at present, then, henceforth, well
nun  now, at present, then, well
nunmehr  now, at present, by this time, then, since then
nunmehr  now, at present, by this time
nur  only, but, merely, solely, alone
nur  only, but, merely, solely, alone
nur (so viel ich nur kann)  as much as ever I can
Nutzen (der)  profit, gain, use, advantage
nützlich  useful, of use, serviceable, profitable, advantageous
ob  if, whether
oben  above, aloft, overhead, on high, upstairs
obenan  at the top, at the head, in the first place
obenein  over and above, in addition, into the bargain, what is more
Obergewalt (die)  supreme power, supreme authority, supremacy, sovereignty
Oberhaupt (das)  sovereign, head, chief, master
oberst  top, topmost, uppermost, highest, chief
oberst (er sitzt zu oberst in seiner Klasse)  he is at the top of his class, he is first in his class
obgleich  although, though, albeit, notwithstanding
Obiect (das) = Object (das) = Objekt (das)  object, subject
obig  above, foregoing, above-mentioned
obliegen  be incumbent on one, be one's duty, to be obliged
obzwar  although, though, albeit, notwithstanding
oder  or, or else, otherwise
offenbar  manifest, evident, plain, obvious, palpable
offenbaren  manifest, reveal, disclose, proclaim, publish
oft  often, frequently
öfter  repeated, more frequently, oftener
öfters  often, frequently, oftentimes, sometimes, several times
ohn = ohne  without
ohne  without, apart from, but for, not to speak of, but that
ohnedem  besides, all the same, anyhow, moreover
Ordnung (die)  arrangement, order, regulation, classification, array
Ort (am unrechten Orte)  in the wrong place, out of place, misplaced
Ort (der)  place, spot, site, point
Ort (recht am Orte)  in the right place
Paar (das)  pair, couple
Parteylichkeit (die) = Parteilichkeit (die)  bias, partiality
passen  fit, be fit, be convenient, suit, be suited
Person (die)  person, personage, role, character
Pflicht (die)  duty, obligation
pflichtmäßig  in conformity with duty, right, dutiful
pfuschen  blunder, bungle, botch, meddle in
Phänomen (das)  phenomenon, miracle
Phantasterey (die) = Phantasterei (die)  fantasy, fancy, fantasticality
Philosoph (der)  philosopher
Philosophie (die)  philosophy
philosophisch  philosophical
Physik (die)  physical science, natural philosophy, physics
physisch  physical, natural, material, bodily
Platz (der)  seat, post, place, spot
Podagrist (der)  person suffering from gout
Polster (das)  cushion, pillow
practisch = praktisch  practical, practically
praecepta  precepts, orders, commands
preisen  praise, commend, extol, exalt, laud
Preiß (der) = Preis (der)  price
Prinzip (das) = Princip (das)  principle
Privatabsicht (die)  private purpose
Privatklugheit (die)  private prudence
Propädevtik (die) = Propädeutik (die)  propadeutic
Prüfung (die)  examination, investigation, check, test, trial
Punkt (der) = Punct (der)  point, topic, item, matter, subject
pünktlich  strictly, scrupulously, punctual, prompt, on time
Qualität (die)  quality
Quelle (die)  source, spring, fountain-head, origin, authority
quod  what
Racheifer (der)  zeal for vengefulness, eagerness for vengeance
rastlos  restless, indefatigable
rathen  advise, counsel, commend, give advice, guess
Rathgebung (die) = Ratgebung (die)  giving counsel, giving advice, counseling, advising, suggesting
rathsam  advisable, expedient, prudent, useful, fit
Rathschlag (der) = Ratschlag (der)  counsel, advice, suggestion
Rathschläge (die) = Ratschläge (die)  counsels, advice, suggestions
rauben  rob, take away, deprive of, pillage, steal
Raum (der)  space, room, place, area
Realität (die)  reality
rechnen  count, calculate, reckon, compute, figure
rechnen (rechnen zu)  class
Rechnung (auf seine Rechnung kommen)  benefit from, benefit by, profit from
Rechnung (die)  account, bill, invoice, reckoning, calculation
recht  right, proper, correct, real, true
Recht (das)  right, privilege, claim, title, law
Recht (mit Recht)  justly, rightly, with reason
Rechtanspruch (der)  rightful claim, just claim, legal claim, lawful title
Rechtschaffenheit (die)  integrity, honesty, uprightness, thoroughness
Rede (die)  words, talk, discourse, conversation, discussion
reden  speak, talk, converse, discourse
redlich  honest, upright, sincere, candid, just
Redlichkeit (die)  honesty, loyalty, sincerity
rege  astir, in motion, moving, active, lively
rege (rege machen)  stir up, excite
Regel (die)  rule, standard, regulation, precept, principle
Reich (das)  kingdom, state, realm, empire, reign
reichhaltig  abundant, plentiful, comprehensive, copious, profuse
Reichthum (der) = Reichtum (der)  riches, wealth, opulence, abundance
Reihe (die)  sequence, series, row, line
rein  pure, unmixed, undiluted, clean, clear
Reine (die)  purity, pureness, chastity, cleanness, cleanliness
Reinheit (die)  purity, pureness, chastity, cleanness, cleanliness
reißen  tear, rip, rend
Reiz (der)  charm, attraction, fascination, allurement, enticement
reizend  enticing, delicious, bewitching, tempting, delightful
richten  direct, turn, point, address, set right
richten (sich)  rise, stand erect
richten (sich nach einer Sache richten)  be governed by a thing, conform to a thing, conform with a thing, depend on a thing, be guided by a thing
Richter (der)  judge
richtig  right, accurate, correct, exact, true
Richtigkeit (die)  correctness, accuracy, exactness, justness, rightness
Richtigkeit (die Sache hat ihre Richtigkeit)  it is quite true, it is a fact
Richtigkeit (es hat damit seine Richtigkeit)  it is quite true, it is a fact
Richtmaaß (das) = Richtmaß (das)  standard gauge, standard, gauge
Richtschnur (die)  rule of conduct, rule of thumb, norm
Richtung (die)  direction, aim, alignment, bearing, course
roh  crude, raw, unrefined, rough, coarse
rosten  rust
Rücksicht (die)  regard, respect, consideration, notice
Rücksicht (in Rücksicht auf)  with regard to
Rücksicht (ohne Rücksicht auf)  irrespective of, without regard for
Ruhe (die)  rest, repose, peace, quiet, calm
rühmlich  commendable, laudable, praiseworthy, glorious
ruhmredig  vainglorious, boastful, conceited
rühren  move, stir, agitate
s. (u. s. w. = und so weiter)  and so on
Sache (die)  thing, object, subject, matter, affair
sammeln  gather, collect, pick, amass, accumulate
sammt  with, together with, along with
Satz (der)  proposition, tenet, thesis, theme, theorem
schädlich  detrimental, deleterious, prejudicial, disadvantageous, injurious
schaffen  provide, procure
schaffen (zu schaffen geben)  give trouble, give plenty to do
schaffen (zu schaffen machen)  be occupied, be busy
schal  stale, flat, dull, insipid, vapid
Schande (die)  shame, disgrace, dishonor, infamy, ignominy
scharf  sharp, pointed, biting, cutting, pungent
schärfer  sharper, more pointed, keener
Scharfsinnigkeit (die)  acuteness, ingenuity, clear-sightedness, sagacity, shrewdness
schärfst  most acute, keenest, sharpest, most well-focused, most penetrating
schätzen  value, appraise, estimate, assess
Schätzung (die)  estimation, valuation, evaluation, appraisal, assessment
schauen  see, look at, behold, gaze upon, view
Scheideweg (der)  crossroads, forked road
scheinbar  apparent, seeming, likely, plausible, pretended
scheinen  shine, seem, appear, look
Scheinwiderspruch (das)  apparent contradiction, seeming contradiction
schicken  send, dispatch, remit
schicken (sich)  suit, be fit for, be proper, be becoming, come to pass
schicklich  appropriate, suitable, fitting
Schicklichkeit (die)  fitness, propriety
Schicksal (das)  fate, destiny, fortune, lot
Schlag (der)  stamp, kind, sort, type, run
Schlauigkeit (die)  cunning, astuteness, slyness, subtlety
schlecht  bad, wicked, base, poor, inferior
schlechterdings  absolutely, utterly, simply, positively, by all means
schlechthin  absolutely, simply, merely, plainly, quite
schließen  come to a conclusion, infer, conclude, judge
schlimm  bad, naughty, evil, sad, severe
Schluß (der)  shutting, closing, end, close, finish
Schlußanmerkung (die)  concluding remark, final observation, closing note
Schlüsse (die)  shuttings, closings, terminations, conclusions, inferences
Schlüssel (der)  key, wench, ratio, code, cipher
schmecken  taste, taste good, be pleasant to the taste
schmeicheln  flatter, compliment
schmelzend  melting, liquefying, touching, sentimental, sweet
Schmuck (der)  adornment, ornament, decoration, jewels, jewellery
schon  already, as yet, by this time, so far, certainly
Schönheit (die)  beauty, fineness
schöpfen  draw, derive, obtain
Schranke (die)  boundary, limit
Schranken (die)  boundaries, limits
schrecklich  frightful, terrible, dreadful, awful, horrible
Schrift (die)  writing, script, text, book, publication
Schriftstelle (die)  Scriptural passage
Schritt (der)  step, stride, walk
schuldig  due, owing, indebted, obliged, bound
Schule (die)  school, college, academy, school of though
schwach  weak, feeble, infirm, frail, delicate
schwächen  weaken, enfeeble, debilitate, enervate, impair
Schwang (der) (im Schwange)  in motion, in full swing, in vogue
Schwang (der) (in Schwang kommen)  come into fashion
schwankend  wavering, fluctuating
schwatzen  prate, chatter, go on about
schwer  difficult, hard, arduous, trying, severe
Schwierigkeit (die)  difficulty, obstacle
schwingen  swing, whirl round, flourish, brandish, wield
Seele (die)  soul, mind, spirit, heart, human being
Seelenlehre (die)  doctrine of the soul, psychology
sehen  see, perceive, behold, notice, observe
sehr  very, much, very well, greatly
sei  be, exist, be alive
sei (es sei!)  let it pass! granted!
sei (es sei denn, daß)  unless
sei (sei es ..., oder ...)  whether ... or ...
sei (sei es drum!)  so be it!
seicht  shallow, low, flat, superficial, insipid
sein  his, its, her, one's, of him
sein (da sein)  be present, be existent, be on the spot, be at hand
Seite (die)  side, face, page, aspect, member
Seiten (von Seiten)  on behalf of, on the part of
sel. = selig  blessed, happy, blissful, blest, deceased
selber  themselves, myself, herself, himself
selbig  the same, the selfsame
selbigen  the same, the selfsame
selbst  self, myself, yourself, itself, herself
Selbst (das)  self
selbst (für sich selbst)  by itself
Selbst (sein selbst)  his individuality, his own self
Selbstbeherrschung (die)  self-control
Selbstbestimmung (die)  self-determination
Selbstdenker (der)  independent thinker, creative thinker
selbstgewirkt  self-woven, self-wrought, self-produced
Selbsthalterin (die)  sustainer, author, self-holder, self-keeper
Selbstliebe (die)  self-love, self-esteem
Selbstmord (der)  suicide
Selbstprüfung (die)  self-examination, introspection
selbstständig  self-standing, self-established, self-sufficient, independent, independently existing
selbstsüchtig  egoistic, selfish, self-interested, self-seeking
Selbstthätigkeit (die) = Selbsttätigkeit (die)  self-activity, automatic operation, spontaneity
Selbstverachtung (die)  self-contempt, self-disdain, self-scorn
Selbstverläugnung (die) = Selbstverleugnung (die)  self-denial, self-abnegation
selig  blessed, happy, blissful, blest, deceased
selten  rare, unusual, infrequent, scarce
setzen  place, set, put, fix, plant
setzen (sich)  seat oneself, sit down, take a seat, perch
setzen (sich in Besitz setzen)  put in possession of
sich  himself, herself, itself, themselves, yourself
sich (an und für sich)  in itself, on its own, properly considered, in the abstract
sicher  secure, safe, sure, certain, positive
Sicherheit (die)  certainty, trustworthiness, guarantee, safeguard, security
sichern  secure, ensure, safeguard, guarantee
sie  she, her, it, they, them
Sinn (der)  sense, faculty of sensing, organ of perception, mind, intellect
Sinne (die)  senses
sinnen  intend, be inclined to do, be resolved to do, be disposed to do
Sinnenwelt (die)  world of sense, sensible world, material world, external world
sinnlich  sensible, sensuous
Sinnlichen (das)  sensible, sensuous
Sinnlichkeit (die)  sensibility, sensuality, sensuousness
Sitte (die)  custom, habit, etiquette
Sitten (die)  morals, manners
Sittenlehre (die)  doctrine of morals, moral philosophy
Sittlichguten (das)  moral goodness
Sittlichkeit (die)  morality
Sitz (der)  seat, place, spot
so  so, thus, in this way, like this, like that
so (so ... auch)  however ...
so (so fern als)  as far as, as much as
so (so weit als)  as far as, as much as
sobald  as soon as
sofern  so far as, inasmuch as, if, in case
sofort  right now, immediately, instantly, forthwith, at once
sogar  even, what is more, indeed, so much so
sogleich  right now, immediately, instantly, forthwith, at once
solch  such
Sollen (das)  ought, should
sollt = sollst  ought, should, shalt
sondern  but, on the contrary
sonst  else, otherwise, besides, moreover, in other respects
sonst (wie sonst)  as usual
Sorge (die)  grief, sorrow, worry, anxiety, apprehension
Sorge (Sorge tragen für)  be anxious about
sorgen (sich)  be anxious, be apprehensive, be concerned, be worried
sorgen (sorgen für)  attend to, look after, care for, take care of, provide for
Sorgfalt (die)  carefulness, care, solicitude, attention, concern
sorgfältig  careful, attentive, painstaking, scrupulous, precise
sowohl  as well as, just the same as
sowohl (sowohl ... als auch)  not only...but also
Sparsamkeit (die)  thrift, thriftiness, economy
specifisch  specific
Spiel (das)  play, game
Spontaneität (die)  spontaneity
sprechen  speak, talk, converse, discuss, talk over
Staat (der)  state, country, government
Stand (der)  standing, situation, position, station, state
Standhaftigkeit (die)  steadfastness, constancy, resoluteness, firmness
ständig  fixed, permanent, established, stationary, constant
Standpunct (der) = Standpunkt (der)  point of view, standpoint, viewpoint, position
stark  strong, robust, vigorous, numerous, considerable
Stärke (die)  strength, vigor, sturdiness, intensity, violence
statt  place, stead, instead, in place of
Statt (an ... Statt)  in place of ...
Statt (die)  place, stead, lieu
stattfinden  take place, happen, occur, be the case
stecken  put, place, set, plant, stick
stehen  stand, be upright, be situated, be, stand still
stehen (im Widerspruch stehen mit)  incompatible with
stehen (stehen dafür)  guarantee, be answerable to
Stelle (die)  place, position, spot, situation, point
stellen  place, post
Stellen (nicht von der Stelle kommen)  make no progress, not get on
stiefmütterlich  stepmotherly, perfunctory, inconsiderate, slighting, unkind
Stimme (die)  voice, vote, suffrage, opinion
stimmen  harmonize, be in tune, agree, be in keeping, tune
stoßen  come across, chance upon, meet with, encounter, pounce upon
strafend  punishing, punitive
sträuben  ruffle up
sträuben (sich) = streuben (sich)  struggle against, resist, oppose
streben  strive, struggle, strain
streitig  in dispute, disputed, moot, debatable, contestable
Streitigkeit (die)  controversy, dispute, difference, quarrel
streng  strict, stern, severe, austere, harsh
Strenge (die)  severity, sternness, strictness, austerity, stringency
Stück (das)  piece, bit, part, fragment
Stufe (die)  step, stair, rung
Stümper (der)  bungler, blunderer, dabbler
Stümper (die)  bunglers, blunderers, dabblers
stützen  prop up, shore up, sustain, support, rest
stützen (sich auf einer Sache stützen)  be based on, rest on, depend on, be founded on
Subiect (das) = Subject (das)  subject, fellow creature
subjectiv  subjective, personal, biased
subtil  subtle, cunning, delicate, fine
Subtil (das)  subtle
Subtile (die)  subtleties
subtiles  subtle
subtilsten  most subtle
suchen  seek, want, desire, try to, trace
Summe (die)  sum, sum total, amount
süß  sweet, sweetened, fresh, charming, dear
synthetisch  synthetic
System (das)  system, plan, doctrine, school
Tadel (der)  blame, censure, rebuke, reproach, reprimand
Tappe (die)  paw, paw mark
tappen  groping, fumbling
tappen (im Dunkeln tappen)  grope in the dark
taugen  be good for, be fit for, be of use, be of value, be worth
tauglich  fit, able, capable, suitable, useful
Tauglichkeit (die)  fitness, suitability, usefulness
Täuschung (die)  illusion, deception, fraud
Teleologie (die)  teleology
That (die) = Tat (die)  deed, act, action, feat, achievement
That (in der That)  in fact, in reality, actually, truly, indded
Thätiges (das) = Tätiges (das)  something active
Thätigkeit (die) = Tätigkeit (die)  activity, action, function, occupation, profession
Theil (der) = Teil (der)  part, portion, piece, component, element
theilen = teilen  divide, share out, deal out, separate, sever
theilen (sich) = teilen (sich)  branch off, diverge, divide, participate in, share in
theilhaftig = teilhaftig  partaking of, participating in, sharing in
theilhaftig (einer Sache theilhaftig werden)  partake of something, share something
theilhaftig (sich einer Sache theilhaftig machen)  participate in something
Theilnehmung (die) = Teilnehumung (die)  compassion, sympathy, pity
theils = teils  partly, in part, to some extent
theils (zum theile) = teils (zum teile)  partly, in part, to some extent
theoretisch  theoretical
thun = tun  do, perform, execute, make, put
thun (Abbruch thun)  damage, be prejudicial to, injure, impair, violate
thun (auf eine Sache Verzicht thun)  renounce a thing
thun (das läßt sich thun)  that can be done, that is possible
thun (sich darum zu thun)  anxious to do, concerned to do, important to do
thun (sich thun lassen)  be practicable, feasible
Thun (und Lassen)  doing and letting, doing and not doing, commissions and omissions, conduct
thun (Verzicht thun)  renounce, relinquish, resign, waive, give up all claim to
Thunlichkeit (die) = Tunlichkeit (die)  practicability, feasibility
tibi  you, yourself
Tichten (das)  intention, scheming, planning
tief  deep, profound, low, dark, far
Titel (der)  title, heading, claim
Tod (der)  death
tödten = töten  kill, slay, put to death
tödtlich = tötlich  deadly, fatal, lethal, mortal
trachten  try, strive, endeavor
Trachten (das)  endeavor, aim, aspiration, striving
tragen  bear, carry, convey, wear, have on
Traum (der)  dream, vision, day-dream, fancy, illusion
treffen  hit, strike, affect, touch, concern
treiben  drive, push, force, set in motion, propel
trennen  separate, divide, part, sever, sunder
trennen (sich)  part, separate
treten  step, walk, tread, go, pass over to
treu  faithful, loyal, constant, conscientious, staunch
Treue (die)  fidelity, faithfulness, loyalty, constancy, sincerity
Trieb (der)  sprout, young shoot, driving force, motive power, impetus
Triebfeder (die)  incentive, motive, main spring, impulsion
Triumph (der)  triumph, victory
trivial  trivial, trite, hackneyed, banal
trüglich  deceitful, deceptive, misleading, delusive, insidious
Tugend (die)  virtue
tugendhaft  virtuous
u. (u. s. w. = und so weiter)  and so on
übel  evil, bad, wrong, sick, ill
üben  exercise, practice, drill, train, use
üben (sich)  practice, do exercise
über  over, above, on top of, higher than, superior to
überall  everywhere, all over, throughout, at all times, at all
überdem  besides, moreover
übereilt  premature, over-quickly, rash, over-hasty, unguarded
übereinkommen  come to an agreement, come to terms, reach an agreement
übereinstimmen  agree, concur, be in agreement
überflüssig  superfluous, unnecessary, in excess, surplus, left over
überhaupt  generally, in general, as such, in the abstract, really
überhoben  excused from, relieved from
überlegt  well weighed, deliberate
überlegt (alles wohl überlegt)  taking everything into account
übernehmen  take over, take charge of
überreden  persuade, convince
überschreiten  overstep, go beyond, exceed
übersteigend  stepping over, getting over, surpassing, exceeding, going beyond
überteuern  overcharge, charge too much for
übertreten  transgress, violate, infringe, overstep, trespass
überwiegen  outweigh, surpass, exceed
überzeugend  convincing, conclusive
übler  more badly, more wrongly
übrig  left over, remaining, other, rest
übrigbleiben  remain over, left
übrigens  moreover, besides, after all, however, furthermore
Uebel (das) = Übel (das)  evil, wound, injury, ill, trouble
Ueberdruß (der) = Überdruß (der)  boredom, ennui, satiety, disgust
Uebereinstimmung (die) = Übereinstimmung (die)  agreement, accord, harmony, consistency
Uebergang (der) = Übergang (der)  transition, passage, crossing
Uebergewicht (das) = Übergewicht (das)  predominance, preponderance, ascendancy, superiority, overweight
Ueberlegung (die) = Überlegung (die)  reflection, consideration, deliberation
Uebermuth (der) = Übermuth (der)  arrogance, presumption, bravado, high spirits, wantonness
Ueberschlag = Überschlag  rough calculation, estimate
Uebertretung = Übertretung  transgression, infringement, breach, violation
Ueberzeugung (die) = Überzeugung (die)  persuasion, conviction, belief
Uebrig (das|der|die) = Übrig (das|der|die)  left over, remaining, rest
Uebung (die) = Übung (die)  practice, exercise, training, use
um  about, round, around, approximately, round about
um (es is schade um den Verlust)  it is a pity about the loss
um (um Gottes willen)  for God's sake
um (um meinetwillen)  for my sake
um (um zu)  in order to, so as to, to
umarmen  embrace, hug
umbringen  kill, murder, destroy
Umfang (der)  extent, range, circumference, sphere
umgehen  go round, revolve, circulate
umgehen (umgehen mit)  have in mind, contemplate, be occupied with
umkehren  turn back, turn around, return, retrace, reverse
umkehren (einen Satz unkehren)  convert a proposition, invert a proposition
umsehen (sich)  look around, look about one
Umstand (der)  circumstance, case, fact, condition, situation
Umstände (die)  circumstances, particulars, details, facts, conditions
umwölkt  clouded over, overcast, darkened
Unabhängichkeit (die)  independence, autonomy
unabhängig  independent, autonomous, unrelated
unächten = unechten  spurious, false, sham, not genuine
unangenehm  unpleasant, disagreeable, distasteful
unangerührt  untouched, undisturbed
unangesehen  not looked at, disregarded, unheeded, irrespective of
unauflöslich  insoluble, inscrutable, indecipherable, inexplicable, impenetrable
unausbleiblich  unfailing, certain, inevitable, inexorable, ineluctable
unausgemacht  undecided, uncertain, not settled, questionable
unbedingt  unconditional, absolute, unqualified
unbefriedigt  unsatisfied, dissatisfied, discontented, unappeased, disappointed
Unbegreiflichkeit (die)  incomphrehensibility, incredibility, incredible thing
unbekannt  unknown, unheard of, obscure, unacquainted
unbeschränkt  unlimited, boundless, infinite
Unbestand (der)  instability, impermanence, changeableness, inconstancy
unbestimmt  indeterminate, undetermined, undefined, ambiguous, indefinite
unbrauchbar  useless, unserviceable, of no use
und  and
Unding (das)  impossibility, absurdity, non-sense
uneigennützig  disinterested, unselfish, magnanimous, altruistic
uneigennützig  disinterested
uneingeschränkt  unlimited, unbounded, unchecked
Uneinigkeit (die)  discord, disunion, disunity, dissension, disagreement
Unempfindlichkeit (die)  coldness, insensibility, indifference
unendlich  infinite, endless, unlimited
unentbehrlich  indispensable, essential, absolutely necessary
unerachtet  even though, notwithstanding, in spite of, despite
unerheblich  inconsiderable, unimportant
unerlaßlich  unavoidable, indispensable, essential, requisite
unerläßlich  unavoidable, indispensable, essential, requisite
unerlaubt  impermissible, forbidden
unermeßlich  immense, immeasurable, boundless, unbounded, vast
unfähig  incapable, unable, unfit, incompetent
unfruchtbar  unfruitful, unprofitable, unproductive, barren, sterile
ungeachtet  notwithstanding, in spite of, despite, though, although
ungefähr = ohngefähr  approximately
ungefähr  approximate, approximately, about, nearly, almost
Ungelegenheit (die)  inconvenience, inexpediency, inopportuneness, unseasonableness
Ungemächlichkeit (die)  discomfort, inconvenience, unpleasantness, irksomeness
ungereimt  unrhymed, nonsensical, absurd
ungestüm  impulsive, impetuous, vehement, boisterous, obstreperous
Ungewisheit (die) = Ungewißheit (die)  uncertainty, doubt, misgiving
ungewiss  uncertain, doubtful, dubious, indecisive, hazardous
Ungleichheit (die)  dissimilarity, unlikeness, difference, variation
Unglück (das)  misfortune, bad luck, distress, misery, affliction
Unglückliche (der)  unfortunate man, wretched man, unhappy man
Ungunst (die)  disfavor, ill-will, malignity, malice, unkindness
universalitas  universality
unkenntlich  unrecognizable, indiscernible, irrecognizable
unkenntlich (unkenntlich machen)  disguise
unklug  imprudent, unwise, misguided, ill-advised, impolitic
Unlauterkeit (die)  impurity
Unlust (die)  dislike, aversion, repugnance, disinclination, disgust
unmittelbar  immediate, direct
unmöglich  impossible
Unmöglichkeit (die)  impossibility
unnachlaßlich  inflexible, inescapable, indispensable, unavoidable, unremittingly
unpartheyisch = unparteyisch = unparteiisch  impartial, disinterested, unprejudiced, unbiased, neutral
unrecht  wrong, false, incorrect, not right, unsuitable
unrecht (am unrechten Orte)  out of place
Unschuld (die)  innocence, purity, chastity
unser  our, of us
Unsichtbares (das)  the unseen, the invisible, the imperceptible
unsittlich  unmoral, nonmoral
unstreitig  incontestably, unquestionably
untauglich  unfit, unsuitable, useless, unserviceable
unter  under, below, beneath, underneath, among
Unterabtheilung (die) = Unterabteilung (die)  subdivision, branch, department
unterfangen (sich)  attempt, venture on, venture to, dare to, presume to
untergeordnet  subordinate, inferior, minor, secondary
untergraben  undermine, sap, destroy, shatter, ruin
unterlassen  leave off, discontinue, fail to do, omit to do, neglect doing
Unterlassung (die)  omission, neglect, default, oversight
unterlegen  put underneath, undergird, attribute to, impute to, credit with
unterliegen  be at the bottom of, serve as a basis for
untern  lower
unternehmen  undertake, attempt
unterordnen  subordinate, submit to
Unterordnung (die)  subordination
unterscheiden  distinguish, discern, discriminate, differentiate
unterscheiden (sich)  differ from
Unterscheidung (die)  distinction, discrimination, discernment
Unterscheidungszeichen (das)  distinguishing mark, distinctive mark, characteristic, criterion
unterschieben  substitute, impute to, insinuate, foist
Unterschied (der)  distinction, difference, discrimination, variation, dissimilarity
unterschieden  different, distinct, distinguished, differentiated
unterstützen  support, sustain, prop up, aid, assist
untersuchen  investigate
Untersuchung (die)  examination, inquiry, investigation, inspection, probing
Unterweisung (die)  instruction
unterwerfen  subjugate, subordinate, subject to
unterwerfen (sich)  submit oneself to, yield oneself to, resign oneself to
unterwerfen (unterworfen sein)  be subject to, be exposed to
Unterwürfigkeit (die)  subjection, submissiveness, subservience, obsequiousness, servility
untrüglich  unerring, infallible
unumschränkt  absolute, unlimited
ununterbrochen  uninterrupted, unbroken, consecutive, continuous
unverfälscht  unfalsified, unadulterated, undistorted, pure, real
unvergleichbar  incomparable, inimitable, unrivalled, matchless, peerless
unvermeidlich  inevitable, unavoidable, inexorable, ineluctable, irresistable
unvermengt  unmixed, unconfused
unvermerkt  unnoticed, unperceived, unobserved
unvermögend  incapable
unvollkommen  incomplete, imperfect, defective, deficient, wanting
Unvollkommenheit (die)  imperfection, defectiveness, deficiency, defect
unwahr  untrue, insincere, lying, false, fictitious
unwandelbar  immutable, invariable, unshakable, undeviating, unchangeable
unwiederbringlich  irretrievable, irrecoverable, irredeemable, irreparable, irremediable
unwiederbringlich (unwiederbringlich verloren)  irretrievably lost, gone for ever
unwillkührlich = unwillkürlich  involuntary, unintentional, unintended, instinctive, automatic
Unwissenheit (die)  ignorance, incomprehension
unwürdig  unworthy, discreditable, disgraceful, despicable, disreputable
unzertrennlich  inseparable
unzufrieden  dissatisfied, discontented
unzweckmäßig  unpurposively, inapt, inapposite, inappropriate, unsuitable
Urbild (das)  original, archetype, prototype
Urheber (der)  author, creator, originator, founder
Ursache (die)  cause
Ursprung (der)  origin, source, starting-point, inception, provenance
ursprünglich  original, initial, primary, primitive, primordial
Urtheil (das) = Urteil (das)  judgment, decision, sentence, verdict, view
Urtheile (die) = Urteile (die)  judgments
urtheilen  judge, pass sentence
Urtheilskraft (die) = Urteilskraft (die)  power of judgment, faculty of judgment, judgment
verabsäumen  neglect, omit, fail to do
verabscheuungswürdig  abominable, detestible, execrable, loathsome, worthy of abhorrence
Veranstaltung (die)  arrangement, organization, management
verantworten  answer for, account for, be responsible for, defend, vindicate
verantworten (sich)  justify oneself, vindicate oneself
verbergen  hide, conceal
verbergen (sich)  hide
verbessern  improve, ameliorate, amend, correct, rectify
Verbesserung (die)  improvement, amendment, correction
verbinden  connect, combine, unite, join, bind
verbinden (eng verbunden mit)  closely bound up with
verbindlich  binding, obligatory, compulsory, bound, obliged
Verbindlichkeit (die)  obligation
Verbindung (die)  association, club, union, league, alliance
verborgen  hidden, concealed, secret, clandestine, obscure
Verbot (das)  prohibition, inhibition, suppression
Verbrecher (der)  criminal, felon, wrongdoer, delinquent
verbreiten  spread, disseminate, diffuse, disperse, distribute
verdacht  blamed, faulted
Verdacht (der)  suspicion, distrust
verdenken  blame, find fault with
verdenken (einem etwas verdenken)  to blame someone for something
verderben  ruin, spoil, damage, corrupt
Verderbnis (die) = Verderbniß (die)  corruption, decay, destruction, deterioration, depravity
verdienen  deserve, merit, earn, gain, get
Verdienst (der)  merit, deserts
verdienstlich  meritorious, deserving, creditable
verdorben  tained, spoiled, rotten, depraved, corrupted
verdunkeln  eclipse, darken, obscure, cloud, black out
vereinigen  unite, join, ally with, combine, blend
vereinigen (sich)  unite, join, ally oneself with, combine, blend
vereinigen (sich vereinigen lassen mit)  be compatible with, be consistent with
verfahren  act, behave, proceed
Verfahren (das)  proceeding, procedure, method, treatment, process
Verfasser (der)  author, writer, composer
verfehlen  fail to do, miss
verfeinern  refine, polish, improve
verfeinern (sich)  become refined, grow more refined
verfeinert  refined, polished, improved
verfolgen  pursue, follow, trail, persecute, prosecute
verführen  lead astry, entice, tempt, seduce
vergebens  in vain, vainly, to no purpose
vergeblich  futile, fruitless, vain, idle
Vergleich (der)  comparison, parallel
vergleichen  compare, check, draw a comparison
Vergleichung (die)  comparison, parallel
Vergnügen (das)  pleasure, fun, joy, delight, enjoyment
Vergnügung (die)  pleasure, amusement, entertainment, recreation
vergreifen (sich)  seize wrongly, seize by mistake, go about something in the wrong way, play the wrong note
vergreifen (sich an geheiligten Sachen vergreifen)  profane holy things
vergreifen (sich vergreifen an)  violate, infringe, assault, attack, misappropriate
vergüten  compensate, make amends, make good, pay back, refund
verhalten  keep back, hold back, stop, check, hold
Verhalten (das)  conduct, behavior
verhalten (sich)  act, behave oneself, conduct oneself, comport oneself
Verhältnis (das) = Verhältniß (das)  relation, proportion, rate, ratio, relationship
verheißen  promise
verhüten  prevent, obviate, avert, ward off, preserve from
verjagen  expel, drive out, drive away, dispel, put to flight
verkaufen  sell, dispose of
verkaufen  sell, dispose of
verkaufen (sich)  sell oneself
Verkehr (der)  traffic, commerce, trade, business, communication
verknüpfen  connect, join, link, bind, unite
Verknüpfung (die)  bond, knotting, tying together, linkage, unification
verlachen  laugh at, deride, ridicule
verlangen  demand, claim, ask for, require, desire
Verlangen (das)  longing, desire, wish, demand, request
verlassen  leave, quit, vacate, relinquish, give up
Verlegenheit (die)  embarrassment, difficulty, perplexity, dilemma, straits
verlieren  lose, forfeit, let slip, fall off, decline
verlieren (sich)  get lost, lose oneself, lose one's way, go astray, disperse
verloren  lost, forlorn
verloren (verlorene Arbeit)  wasted labor
Verlust (der)  loss, damage, privation
Vermehrung (die)  increase, augmentation, multiplication, propagation, reproduction
vermeiden  avoid, shun, evade, elude, escape from
vermeint  imagined, supposed, presumed
vermeintlich  supposed, presumed, alleged, presumptive, would-be
vermengen  mingle, mix, blend, mix up, confuse
vermengt  confused, mixed up
Vermengung (die)  confusion, mixture, medley
Vermessenheit (die)  boldness, daring, audacity, overconfidence, presumptuousness
vermischt  mixed, blended, adulterated
vermittelst  by means of, with the help of, through
Vermittelung (die)  mediation
vermögen  be able to do, capable of doing, have the power to do, have the capacity to do
Vermögen (das)  faculty, capacity, ability, power
vermögend  able to do, capable to do, power to do
vermuthen  suppose, surmise, presume, imagine, conjecture
vermuthlich  presumable, probable, likely
vernachlässigen  neglect
Vernunft (die)  reason, intellect, intelligence
Vernunftbegriff (der)  concept of reason, rational concept
vernünfteln  reason speciously, quibble, rationalize
Vernunfterkenntnis (die) = Vernunfterkenntniß (die)  rational cognition, rational knowledge
Vernunftgebrauch (der)  use of reason, usage of reason, employment of reason
Vernunftgesetze (die)  rational laws
Vernunftgründen (die)  reason-grounds, grounds based on reason, grounds arising from reason
vernünftig  rational
vernunftlos  reasonless, without reason, nonrational, unreasoning, irrational
Vernunftvermögen (das)  rational faculty, rational capacity, power of reason
verpflichten  obligate, bind, put under obligation
verschaffen  get, obtain, secure, procure, supply
verschieden  different, various, diverse
Verschiedenheit (die)  difference, diversity, disparity, variation, variety
verschiedne  different
verschlagen  cunning, crafty, sly
versehen  provide, furnish, equip, supply, endow
versehen (sich)  equip, supply, furnish oneself with
versetzen  transfer, remove, transplant, move up, promote
versetzen (sich)  change its place, shift
versetzen (versetzen Sie sich an meine Stelle)  imagine yourself in my position
versichern  insure, assure, certify, make sure of, guarantee
versichern (sich)  make sure of, assure oneself of, ascertain
versinnlichen  make sensible, render tangible, render perceptible to the senses, materialize
verspätet  late, behind time, belated, delayed, overdue
versprechen  promise
Versprechen (das)  promising, promise
Versprechung (die)  promise, promissory note
Verstand (der)  understanding, mind, intellect, common sense, wits
Verstandeswelt (die)  world of understanding
verstatten  allow, permit, grant
verstecken  hide, conceal, secrete
verstehen  understand, comprehend, grasp
verstümmeln  maim, mutilate
Versuch (der)  attempt, trial, endeavor, test, experiment
versuchen  attempt, try, test, put to the test, experiment on
Versuchtest (die)  those most tested, those who have experimented most, those who have tried most
Versuchung (die)  temptation
Vertheidigung (die) = Verteidigung (die)  defence, vindication, justification, advocacy
vertheilen = verteilen  divide, distribute, disperse, disseminate, spread
vertheilen (sich) = verteilen (sich)  spread, disperse
Vertheilung (die) = Verteilung (die)  distribution, dispersion, diffusion, division, apportionment
vertilgen  destroy, annihilate, extirpate, exterminate, eradicate
vertragen  bear, stand, tolerate, suffer, endure
vertragen (sich)  be compatible, be consistent, get on well together, agree, harmonize
Verträglichkeit (die)  compatibility, sociability, good nature, easy temper, peaceable disposition
vertrösten  console, give hope to, put off
verurtheilen  condemn, sentence, convict
vervielfältigen  copy, reproduce, duplicate, multiplies
Verwahrlosung (die)  neglect, injury caused by neglect, degeneration, demoralization
verwandeln  change, convert, transform, transmute
verwenden  use, make use of, employ, utilize, spend
verwerfen  reject, repudiate, throw away, discard
verwerflich  objectionable, reprehensible, thoroughly bad, to be rejected, to be repudiated
verwickeln  entangle, implicate, involve
verwickeln (sich)  get entangled in, be involved in, be implicated in
verwirren  confuse, bewilder, perplex
verworfen  rejected, cast off, abandoned
verwundern  wonder, surprise, astonish
verwundern (es ist nicht zu verwundern)  it is not to be wondered at
Verzicht (auf eine Sache Verzicht leisten)  renounce a thing
Verzicht (der)  renunciation, resignation
viel  much, a great deal, a lot
vielerlei  various, diverse, multifarious, many kinds of, different
Vielheit (die)  plurality, multiplicity, multitude, large number, large quanitity
vielleicht  perhaps, possibly, maybe
vielmehr  rather, much more, on the contrary, instead
vis  be willing, wish
Volksbegriff (der)  folk concept, popular concept, popular thought
voll  full, whole, entire, complete, rounded
vollendet  finished, accomplished, achieved, consummate, perfect
völlig  full, total, entire, complete, undiminished
vollkommen  perfect, consummate, full, complete, entire
Vollkommenheit (die)  perfection, completeness
vollständig  complete, entire, total, whole, integral
Vollständigkeit (die)  completeness, entirety, totality
Vollziehung (die)  accomplishment, execution, performance, fulfillmentl, discharge
vom = von dem  from the, by the
von  of, from, by, in, on
vor  before, previous, prior to, in front of, ahead of
vorangehen  go before, precede, take the lead, go at the head of, lead the way
voranschicken  send on ahead, send on before, put at the head of, preface, premise
Vorarbeitung (die)  preliminary work, preparatory study, preparation
voraus  in advance, forward, before, in front, on ahead
voraushaben (etwas vor einem voraushaben)  have an advantage over someone in something
voraussehen  anticipate, foresee
voraussetzen  presuppose, assume, suppose, surmise, presume
Voraussetzung (die)  presupposition, supposition, assumption, postulate, hypothesis
vorbehalten  reserve, hold in reserve, keep in reserve, withhold
vorbeigehen  go by, pass by, go past, pass
Vorbereitung (die)  preparation, preparatory training
Vorfall (der)  occurrence, event, incident
vorgeben  assert, avow, profess, advance, allege
Vorgeben (das)  pretense, supposition
vorgeblich  pretended, supposed, ostensible, would-be, so-called
vorgelegt  submitted, proposed, foregoing
vorgesetzt  proposed, intended
vorhaben  have in mind, have in view, propose, intend, design
vorher  beforehand, in advance, in front, before, previously
vorhergehen  precede
vorig  former, preceding, previous, last
vorkommen  seem, appear, present itself
vorläufig  provisionally, for the present, for the time being, in the meantime
vorlegen  put before, lay before, display, show, exhibit
Vormundschaft (die)  guardianship, trusteeship, tutelage
vormundschaftlich  tutelary
vornehm  of high rank, aristocratic, distinguished, elegant, eminent
vornehmlich  particularly, especially, principally, mainly, chiefly
Vorrede (die)  introduction, preface, preamble, prologue
Vorsatz (der)  intention, design, purpose, project, plan
Vorschein (der)  appearance
Vorschein (zum Vorschein bringen)  produce
vorschreiben  prescribe, command, order, direct
Vorschrift (die)  prescription, precept
vorsetzen  set before, place before, put before
vorsetzen (sich einen Zweck vorsetzen)  propose to do, aim at, determine to do, intend to do, resolve to do
vorsetzlich  intentionally, deliberately, purposely, designedly
Vorsorge (die)  foresight, care, attention, precaution, provision
Vorspiegelung (die)  pretense, show, illusion, delusion, sham
vorstellen  place before, put in front of, put forward, advance, present
vorstellen (dative sich)  conceive, imagine, fancy, suppose
vorstellen (sich)  introduce oneself, make oneself known, go forward, go to the front
Vorstellung (die)  representation, presentation
Vorstellungsart (die)  way of representation
Vortheil (der) = Vorteil (der)  advantage, benefit, interest, profit, emolument
vortheilhaft = vorteilhaft  advantageous, favorable, profitable, lucrative, remunerative
vortragen  explain, expound, set forth, report on, propose
vortrefflich  excellent, fine, splendid, capital, admirable
Vorwelt (die)  former ages, antiquity, primitive world, prehistoric world, prehistoric times
vorwerfen  cast before, throw to
vorwerfen (einem etwas verwerfen)  reproach a person with something
Vorwurf (der)  reproach, rebuke, blame, remonstrance
vorzeichnen  prescribe, point out, mark, indicate, trace out
vorziehen  prefer, give preference to
Vorzug (der)  preference, prerogative, privilege, superiority, excellence
vorzüglich  pre-eminent, chief, principal, superior, excellent
Vorzüglichkeit (die)  preeminence, superiority, excellence
w. (u. s. w. = und so weiter)  and so on
wagen  dare, venture, risk, hazard, presume
wägen  weigh, ponder, consider
Wahl (die)  choice, selection, option
wählen  choose, select, pick out
Wahn (der)  illusion, hallucination, delusion, error, erroneous impression
wahr  true, real, genuine, sincere, correct
wahrhaftig  true, actual, genuine, real, truthful
Wahrheit (die)  truth, reality, fact
wahrlich  truly, surely, verily, indeed
wahrnehmen  notice, observe, perceive
Wahrnehmung (die)  perception, observation
Warnung (die)  warning, caution, admonition
Warnung (laßt euch das zur Warnung dienen)  let this be a warning to you
was  what, whatever, that which, something, anything
Wechsel (der)  change, alteration, succession, turn, alternation
Wechselbegriffe (die)  reciprocal concepts
weder  neither
weg  away, gone, lost, far off, off
Weg (der)  way, road, path, course, direction
wegen  because of, on account of, on behalf of, in consequence of, owing to
Wegescheidung (die)  parting of the ways, crossroads
wegfallen  fall away, fall off, come to nothing, cease
wegnehmen  take away, remove, take out, carry off, seize
wegsetzen  lay aside, jump
wegvernünfteln  argue away, rationalize away
wegwenden  turn away, turn off, turn aside, avert
weichen  yield, give in, give way, give ground, fall back
weil  because, since
weise  wise
Weise (auf keine Weise)  by no means, not at all
Weise (die)  manner, way, method, style, fashion
weisen  direct, point, show, indicate
Weisheit (die)  wisdom, knowledge, prudence
weit  far, distant, remote, wide, broad
weiter  farther, further
weiterkommen  get on, progress, advance
weitläuftig  lengthy, detailed, extensive, long-winded, prolix
weitläuftigen  vast, widespread, extensive
welch  what, which, who, whom, that
Welt (die)  world, earth, people, society, humanity
Welt (nichts in der Welt)  nothing on earth
Weltbeschauer (der)  observer of the world, spectator of the world
Weltbesten (das)  highest good of the world
Weltklugheit (die)  world prudence, worldly wisdom, knowledge of the world
Weltlauf (der)  course of the world
Weltregierung (die)  world government, world administration, world direction, world management
Weltweisheit (die)  philosophy, worldly wisdom
wem  whom
wenig  little, not much, slightly, few
wenig (so wenig)  so far from
wenigstens  at least, at all events
wenn  when, whenever, if, in case, provided
wenn (wenn auch)  although, even if
wenn (wenn nicht)  if not, unless, except when, except if, but that
wenngleich  though, although, even if
wer  who, which, that, somebody, some one
werden  become, come to be, grow, get, turn out
Werk (das)  work, labor, action, act, deed
Werkzeug (das)  tool, instrument, implement, organ
Werth (der)  worth, use, value
Wesen (das)  being, creature, living thing, organism, essence
wesentlich  essential, principal, fundamental, intrinsic, vital
wichtig  important, significant, weighty, momentous, serious
Wichtigkeit (die)  weight, weightiness, importance, significance, moment
wider  against, contrary to, in opposition to, versus
widerfahren  happen, occur, befall
Widerlegung (die)  refutation
widersprechen  contradict, be at variance with, conflict with, gainsay, oppose
Widerspruch (der)  contradiction, opposition, disagreement, conflict
Widerspruch (im Widerspruch stehen mit)  incompatible with, stand in contradiction with
Widerstand (der)  opposition, resistance
widerstehen  oppose, resist, withstand, be repugnant to, go against the grain
Widerstreit (der)  conflict, opposition
widerstreiten  conflict with, clash with, be antagonistic with, be contrary to, militate against
Widerwärtigkeit (die)  adversity, accident, calamity, disappointment
widrigenfalls  failing which, in default whereof, otherwise, if not
wie  how, as, just as, such as, like
wie (und wie sie alle heißen mögen)  and whatever their names may be
wiederum  again, anew, afresh, on the other hand, on the contrary
wiewohl  although, albeit
Wille (der)  will, volition, determination, design, purpose
willfahren  accede to, comply with, concede, gratify, grant
Willkühr (die) = Willkür (die)  free will, option, choice, discretion, volition
willkürlich  arbitrary, optional, voluntary
wirkend  acting, active, causative, operating, efficacious
wirklich  actual, real, true, substantial, genuine
Wirklichkeit (die)  reality, actuality, actual fact, truth
wirksam  effective, efficacious, active, working, operative
Wirkung (die)  working, operation, action, reaction, force
Wirkungsgesetzen (die)  laws of operation, effective laws
wissen  know, have knowledge of, be informed of
Wissen (das)  knowledge, knowing, learning, scholarship, erudition
Wissenschaft (die)  science, learning, scholarship, knowledge
Witz (der)  wit, wittiness
wo  where, in which
wo (wo auch immer)  wherever
wo (wo nicht ..., so doch ...)  if not ..., then certainly ...
woanders  somewhere or other, elsewhere
wobei  whereby, whereat, near, at which, during which
wodurch  whereby, by which, through which, by means of which
wofern  in so far as, if, in case, provided that
woher  from where, from which, from what place, how
wohl = wol  well, indeed, really, to be sure, no doubt
Wohlbefinden (das)  well-being, welfare, good health
Wohlergehen (das)  prosperity, well-being, welfare, health and happiness
Wohlfahrt (die)  welfare, weal
Wohlgefallen (das)  satisfaction, delight, pleasure, approval, liking
Wohlsein (das)  good health, well-being
Wohlthat (die) = Wohltat (die)  benefit, kindness, benefaction, charity, good deed
wohlthätig  beneficent, salutary, charitable
wohlthun  benefit
Wohlverhalten (das)  good conduct
Wohlwollen (das)  benevolence, goodwill, kindness
Wolke (die)  cloud
wollen  will, be willing, wish, want, desire
Wollen (das)  willing, volition, intention, will
wollte  willed, wanted, desired, wished
woran  whereon, whereat, on which, of which, against which
worauf  whereupon, upon, at which, to which
woraus  whence, by, out of which, from which, from what
worden  past participle of 'werden' in compound tenses
worin  wherein, in which, in what
wornach  whereafter, whereupon, after, towards, according to which
Wort (das)  word, vocable, term, expression, saying
Wort (mit anderen Worten)  in other words
Wort (mit einem Worte)  in a word
Wortgebrauch (der)  word-use, usage, use of a word
worüber  whereat, whereof, of which, about which, over which
wovon  whereof, of, about, concerning which
wozu  whereto, to what purpose, to which
Wunder (das)  marvel, wonder, miracle, surprise, astonishment
Wunsch (der)  wish, desire
wünschen  wish, desire
wünschen (sich)  long for, wish for
wünschenswerth  desirable, worthy of desiring, worthy to be wished, to be wished for
Würde (die)  dignity, majesty, propriety
würdig  worthy, deserving, estimable, respectable, dignified
Würdigkeit (die)  worthiness, merit, worth
z. (z. B. = zum Beyspiel) = z. (z. B. = zum Beispiel)  e.g. = for example, for instance
z. (z. E. = zum Exempel)  e.g. = for example
zählen  count, reckon, number, compute
zählen (zählen zu)  belong to, be classed with, be among
zeigen  show, exhibit, display, appear, become evident
zeigen (es zeigt sich, daß)  it appears that, we see that
zeigen (sich)  appear, be found, make one's appearance, emerge, become evident
Zeit (auf einige Zeit)  for a short time, for a certain time, for a while
Zeit (die)  time, epoch, period, age, season
Zergliederung (die)  analysis, dissection
zernichten  destroy
zerstören  destroy, demolish, ruin, devastate, ravage
ziehen  draw, pull, extricate, drag, train
ziehen (an sich ziehen)  attract, draw to oneself
ziehen (sich)  move, draw toward, attract, stretch, extend
ziehen (sich etwas auf den Hals ziehen)  bring something down on one's head
zieren  adorn, grace, be an ornament to, decorate, embellish
Zögling (der)  pupil, ward
zu  to, towards, up to, unto, in addition to
zubereiten  prepare, get ready
zuerst  at first, initially, first, firstly, in the first place
zufällig  contingent, accidental, fortuitous, chance, random
Zuflucht (die)  refuge, shelter, recourse
zufolge  in consequence of, by virtue of, in virtue of, owing to, according to
zufrieden  content, pleased, satisfied
Zufriedenheit (die)  contentment, satisfaction
Zug (der)  character trait, feature of character
zugehen  come to pass, take place, happen
zugehören  belong to, appertain to
zugestanden  granted, admitted, conceded, accepted
zugleich  at the same time, together, along with, also, as well
zugunsten  for the benefit of, in favor of
Zuhörer (der)  listener, audience, member of the audience, hearer
zukommen  belong to, be due to, befit, arrive, come to hand
Zulänglichkeit (die)  adequacy, sufficiency
zuletzt  finally, at last, ultimately, eventually, after all
zum (zum Gesetze werden)  become law, pass into law
zum = zu dem  to the, toward the
Zumuthung (die) = Zumutung (die)  unreasonable demand, unreasonable expectation, imputation
zunehmen  increase, augment, grow larger, rise, swell
zur = zu der  to the, toward the
zurechnen  include with, class with, ascribe, attribute to, impute
zureichen  suffice, be sufficient, be enough, reach, pass to
zurück  back, backwards, behind
zurückführen  trace back, lead back, reduce to, attribute to
zurückhalten  hold back, keep back, retain, detain, delay
zurückhalten (sich)  restrain oneself, hold back, keep a rein on oneself
Zurückhaltung (die)  reserve, caution, discretion, modesty, propriety
zurücksehen  look back, reflect on, review, look behind
Zurücksetzung (die)  slight, snub, disregard, neglect
Zurüstung (die)  fitting out, equipment, preparation
zusammen  together, jointly, in all, all together, all told
zusammenfassen  embrace, include, combine, comprise, comprehend
zusammenflicken  patch up
zusammengestoppeln  patch up, piece together
zusammenhängen  adhere, cohere, be connected, hang together
zusammenhängend  hanging together, connected, continuous, coherent, cohesive
zusammenkommen  come together, assemble, meet
zusammensetzen  put together, piece together, make up, compound, combine
zusammenstimmen  agree, accord, harmonize, suit, be congruous
Zusammenstimmung (die)  harmony, conformity
Zusatz (der)  addition, adjunct, admixture, appendix, postscript
Zuschauer (der)  spectator, onlooker, bystander, witness
zuschreiben  ascribe, attribute
zusetzen  add to, contribute, replenish, alloy, mix up with
Zustand (der)  condition, state, situation, position
Zustände (die)  conditions, states, situations, positions
zustatten (einem zustatten kommen)  come in handy to someone, prove useful to someone, gain
Zuthat (die) = Zutat (die)  addition, contribution
zutheilen  assign, allot, allocate, distribute, apportion to
Zuträglichkeit (die)  usefulness, advantageousness, wholesomeness, salubrity
Zutrauen (das)  trust, confidence, reliance
zuvor  before, previously, beforehand, first, formerly
Zuwachs (der)  growth, increase, expansion, increment, augmentation
zuwider  against, contrary to, opposed to
zuziehen  draw together, draw tight, tighten, tie, admit
zuziehen (sich einen Tadel zuziehen)  incur blame, expose oneself to criticism
zuziehen (sich einen Verdacht zuziehen)  bring suspicion on oneself, lay oneself open to suspicion
Zwang (der)  force, coercion, compulsion, constraint, control
zwar  indeed, certainly, of course, to be sure, undoubtedly
Zweck (der)  end, aim, object, objective, purpose
zwecklos  purposeless, unpurposive, aimless
zweckmässig = zweckmäßig  purposive, appropriate, expedient, practical, useful
zwecks  for the purpose of
Zwecksvorzug (der)  preference of end, precedence of end, priority of end, prerogative as end, supremacy as end
Zweifel (der)  doubt, uncertainty, hesitation, misgiving, suspicion
zweifelhaft  doubtful, uncertain, dubious, questionable, suspicious
zweifeln  doubt, question, be distrustful, be in doubt about, waver
zweitens  secondly, in the second place
Zwekken (die)  ends, purposes
Zweydeutigkeit (die) = Zweideutigkeit (die)  ambiguity, suggestiveness, unseemliness, impropriety
zwiefach  twofold, double
zwischen  between, among, amongst
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